Abortion activity back at University of Detroit?

Religion Prof. Jane Schaberg boasts on the University of Detroit Mercy (Jesuit) website that: she is a member of Catholics for Choice.

google “UDM Catholics for Choice” or paste this:


Contact Msgr. McClory at the Archdiocese of Detroit at (313) 237-5783

I read the linked bio but didn’t see any indication that she is actually Catholic. So her membership in Catholics for Choice is pretty much meaningless. She seems to be the type of person who would be a member of CFC–feminist biblical scholar, author of “The Illegitimacy of Jesus.” But I doubt that the organization includes any ‘actual’ Catholics among its membership.

I did a search on her name and she claims to be Catholic.


Apparently so, but why? Well, I guess there’s no good answer. There are many who claim Catholicism while disagreeing with its doctrines and precepts.

The pro-abort, Catholic University of Detroit Mercy Religion Prof. Jane Schaberg is Catholic. (Attends Mass “when I think I can handle my anger”.)

The reputable publication, First Things reports:

Reporter Robin Wilson continues: "She is reluctant to discuss her religious beliefs (she says she goes to church ‘when I think I can handle my anger’). But she says it is important for feminist scholars to continue to address Catholic teachings. “I believe that it’s a very dangerous thing for women to simply opt out and say, ‘The male church can have the buildings, the institution, the money, the power, and we’ll go somewhere else,’” she says. “The Catholic Church is a living organism, and it’s currently one of the most deadly to women.”

I’m glad I quit the U-D system with high school! With my Traditionalist leanings, even back then in the late 60’s and early to mid 70’s, I would have been burned at the stake on that campus!!!:mad:

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