Abortion, an Excuse for the Autonomy/Will of Society to Allow for the Continual perpetuation of all manner/form of social ill sin society to continue

Very long title for a Topic, assured. But this does come as an important/weightier subject from another conversation.

All the excuses for an abortion, pushing the women/girls in a pinch. That the autonomy of doing nothing about crime, poverty, and any/all manner/forms of social ills. Though, certainly, there are many countless charity agencies working to fight many of them. So, do not let me mislead the conversation. However, the excuse is still written in the pro-choice movement. A woman’s right to choose to end/terminate her pregnancy. Which nonetheless posits human life exists. For the affect an undesirable outcome a child should be born, would nonetheless happen. For it were not human life. Which would thus render the pro-choice argument of it’s so-called “humane and compassionate” thing to do. Because it wants to prevent the child’s life as the woman, society, and resources may be inadequate, or unprepared. Or possibly this child will become a criminal, or handicapped. Or diseased. Such a burden to the woman. And to society.

But, that lends to the autonomy and will of society to do nothing about the very social ills for reasons we stop that life from coming into existence, in the world. And so poverty, crime, and all social disorders win in the end. We don’t change, but the direction of life leading from the mother’s womb, ought to be stopped instead. No mercy.

That’s an autonomy not of the woman’s body, since that is a normal/ordinary property of her, to give life. To bear a child. Rather, it’s the autonomy/will of a disordered society to push women/girls in a pinch, where they will not suffice in taking care of this child. Thus, a selfish autonomy of will, not her body, that is then served. All from the pro-choice argument.

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