Abortion and Racism: Conversations with three black, pro-life leaders


Thanks for posting this JimG. It’s sobering to ponder the words of Pastor Hoye:
“Abortion is the #1 cause of death in black America. It outstrips all thirteen leading causes of death combined.” Hoye cites drastically dropping black fertility rates: “We’re no longer even replacing ourselves. If black America doesn’t stop aborting her children at the current rate, black America has only got about 30 years left. By 2050 black America will be facing irreversibility.”


The way I’ve seen it too, is how the African American population is somewhat stagnant, it’s about 12-14% of the population of the US now and in 1970, it was very similar. Also, should we have some sort of amnesty program for those not in our country legally and I think maybe we should have some path to citizenship to some, their percentage could be driven down even more.

Ryan Bomberger (spelling) is the gentleman in the picture in the middle. He has some organization and he writes a lot of pro-life articles.

Rev. Walter Hoye, I just became aware of him as well in the past two years, I believe as the article reads, he is from Oakland.

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