Abortion and the 2012 Candidates

I was listening to Patrick Madrid on EWTN Open Line (yeah, I know, not Catholic answers haha) and he mentioned that as far as the Church is concerned, it is immoral to vote for a candidate that supports abortion.

Now, we know that president Obama supports abortion, so obviously under Madrid’s statement, it would be immoral to vote for him.

Likewise Mitt Romney, though stating that he is “pro life” says that abortions should be allowed in the cases of rape, incest or to protect the life of the mother. Now, that isn’t totally pro life, that’s pro life mostly, though still advocating for abortion in some instances.

So, therefore, is it immoral to vote for either of the two main party candidates because at least in some circumstances, they support abortion?

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Not voting has just as much of an effect as voting has. While Romney’s views on abortion may or may not be perfect there is little doubt that more will be done to end abortion if he is in office as opposed to if he is not in office. Thus you would actually be supporting abortion more by not voting at all than you would voting for Romney in my opinion.

Romney is more pro life, more likely to pick pro life people for his cabinet and as judges, and will be pressured to be pro life by his party.

No, it’s not immoral.

In fact, If political realities prevent total abolition of abortion, you have a moral obligation to support the position which promotes life while incurring the least harm.

If you don’t do this, you will be acting immorally.

And it may be the case that your action will pave the way for the future abolition of all abortions (when that becomes politically feasible).

Well, I always trust Father Pavone’s judgement! Thank you for this. :slight_smile:

We are allowed to vote so as to limit the damage done. Once that is realized, the choice becomes much simpler.

If your state allows writing-in candidates general election, that is not the same thing as “not voting.” Mitt Romney may not be as pro-abortion as Obama, but he is an avowed heretic, unless one does not consider the Mormon faith to be heresy.

Clearly, one of them will be elected. I can allow myself a bit of pragmatism this election cycle.

It is not immoral to vote for Romney

Bishop Gracida’s voting guide talks of voting for lesser of the two evils to save some lives


Paul Ryan believes abortion is wrong in all circumstances

A president can not ban abortion, or limit it to only certain circumstances. A president can enact pro life legislation, and there is evidence this reduces abortion at the state level, at the national level it would likely have more impact, or a president can expand abortion funding etc which Obama has done.

Next president could elect supreme court judges. Romney has spoken many times of his wish for roe vs wade to be overturned. Here is his pro life agenda he would take as president. As can be seen from the picks Obama has chosen, he would elect more of the same of what he has elected so far; liberal judges who would not support overturning roe vs wade. Romney would elect judges in line with his view of overturning the law

Don’t vote for them or you will be a part of their barbaity!

I am 73 years old and I have voted in every election for which I was eligible. It is unfortunate, but in most cases I could not vote “for” a candidate, but had to vote “against” a candidate, sort of a “lesser of two evils” situation. Determine which fo the two major candidates strays least from our beliefs and vote for him in hopes that our vote helps him defeat the candidate which is more radically against our beliefs. Considering the realities of our electoral system, a “protest vote” for a third party candidate with no realistic chance of winning or an “I’ll stay home” decision actually turns into a vote taken away from the lesser of two eveils and given to the major of two evils. Don’t be a one issue voter. Study the candidates. The two totally non-negotiable issues are abortion and the sanctity of marriage. Vote accordingly.

Would you fight for Hitler to defeat Stalin or vice versa?

Do you not have a third choice that Catholics could vote for?

If you look at their records, there is no reason to think either of them is pro-life.

Like Reagan used to say: “Trust but verify.”

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