Abortion and war.

Someone on FaceBook argued that war and abortion are both intrinsic evils. Is this really true? O:

False… you can be Pro-war and Pro-life… it just doesn’t make much sense… its a little something we all suffer from called cognitive dissonance… or holding two, conflicting, belief systems at the same time… =)


Always remember this: Direct abortion is NEVER morally acceptable for any reason. It is always wrong every time it happens.

There is such thing as a just war.

Boy, we can defend ourselves through war.
Killing an unborn baby is not defend oneself, though some feminists want to proclaim that, as if the baby would be the aggressor. I mean, he did not start any war…

Here’s the sad part.
The picture which inspired the quote was originally posted by the Occupy Ottawa FaceBook page. :banghead:
Apparently, one of the Occupy supporters reposted the pic along with the rhetorical quote. :doh2:

I think there is an argument that war is intrinsicly evil if one considers the fact that if a confrontation takes place that results in killing of innocent and distruction of property, at least one side is committing acts of evil. Now, there may be a just reason for the opposing side to fight back, or for a neutral side to become involved, but the party that initially violated the rights of others through violence and suppression clearly committed sin. So yeah, I can see that arguement.

I don’t like the war pro-war, I don’t think anyone is “pro war” rather they may be pro spreading democracy using force if necessary, may pro riding evil from the world using force if necessary, and so on and so forth.

I hold to the view that if war is necessary to rid evil from the world and no peaceful means can be used we must go to war. But the requirements for this to happen are steep and should only happen if nothing else is possible to rid it.

one other thing abortion can never be good because a unborn child can never be guilty of anything, but people you may be fighting against in a war can be guilty of grave evils.

I don’t think he is far off. I would say war is an instritric evil at least 99.99999999% of the time. No war have ever met all of the qualifications of the just war theory. I think to many people, especially catholics brainwashed by the war-glorifying, money-making conservatives that war is such a necessity and that we need to fight to protect our liberty.

This falls under the seamless garment category. You are either pro life or you are not, and if you support every war just because “THIS IS AMERICA” and we can kill whoever we want, whenever we want just to make some money, then that is no different than supporting abortion. I know too many catholics that think like this, and it really saddens me .

In order for something to be an intrinsic evil, it must be wrong 100% of the time. By definition, if there is ever a case for which something can be justified, it isn’t intrinsically evil. Abortion, for example, is an intrinsic evil. There is never a case where aborting a child is morally justifiable.

Bear in mind, though, that cases in which a child is indirectly killed by a procedure necessary to save the life of the mother are cases not technically classified by the term “abortion.” Abortion refers specifically to those acts in which the intent of the practitioner and/or woman is to kill the child. There may be reasons which - in the minds of those who seek abortion - justify this killing, such as rape or physical deformity, but the intent is still specifically to kill the child.

As for war… There are far more cases in which war can be - and has been - justified than you suppose. A country goes to war justifiably under a certain set of circumstances, and in these circumstances it is considered a just war. The fact that many atrocities have been committed after the fact does not render the entrance of that nation into the war unjust. World War II is an excellent example. Hitler was not quelled by any means save violent ones. The US entrance into the war, when the Nazis seemed likely to run through all of Europe, was justified. Did the US commit acts during WWII that were morally reprehensible? Absolutely. Was there a better way to prosecute the war? You’d better believe it. Was our entrance into the war unjustified by these actions that occurred after our part in it began? Not on your life.

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