Abortion: Answering those who say women have no regrets

First, before we get to my topic, I’d like to say that I am considering a priestly vocation and need prayers.

Now, before I enter seminary, I am thinking about volunteering for the Pro-life Apostolate in my diocese, and wish to understand better the dynamics of this issue.

Now, one argument we use against abortion is that women feel deep, lifelong regret after having an abortion. Now, there are studies that say women do have regrets, and studies that say women do not have regrets.

time.com/3956781/women-abortion-regret-reproductive-health/ - proabortion study - 95% do not have lifelong regrets
1stwaylifecenter.com/abortion-information/ - pro-life site - 93% of women regret

I’m thinking that these studies that do not take into effect the possible lies these women are told if they have regrets. These women who they say have no regrets: are they being told the truth about the abortion procedure and the development of the child in the womb?

I suppose there may be problems with either of the studies, but my solution is this. Whether women regret it or not, they are likely misinformed by the clinics about both procedure and development of the child in the womb. And usually, those women who have regrets are those who likely only learned the truth after having an abortion.

Whatever the true statistics may be, the truth is that women do often feel deep regrets after learning the truth.

My question is this: Are there any folks who have experience reading abortion research from both sides of the issue? What are the limitations or problems you have encountered in the research?

Assuming that people who disagree with you are misinformed is insulting, and will turn people off.

Well, Im not saying all women who pursue abortions are misinformed. But there is plenty of testimony from folks saying they were lied to about abortion by Planned Parenthood. For example, being told that the fetus or embryo in their body was just a ‘clump of cells’. “Just” a clump of cells! Really?

silentnomoreawareness.org/plannedparenthood/ - more testimonies

I’m just wondering how much lying really goes on, and [more on topic] what accounts for the variation in the studies: why ^90% on one study regret it, and ^90% on another study doesn’t regret it, etc.

And as for the assumption, it’s just a hypothesis. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

And for my hypothesis, it’s just me trying to begin to understand and account for the variation in the results of the studies until I can learn for certain whether my hypothesis can become theory.

But what you are saying is that not only where these women misinformed when they had their abortion, but they continue to be misinformed.

What accounts for the variation? Researcher bias.

If you are looking for regret, I think most women who have had an abortion regret that they got pregnant in the first place and not that they had the abortion. If they had to do all over again, I believe they would have not had sex, or would have used a better method of birth control so to avoid the situation of pregnancy.

I do not believe women are being lied to at the clinic. Most know what they are doing, yet they feel powerless to stop it and they are completely overwhelmed.

Best of luck in the priesthood. As a man you never will be able to understand what it is like to be pregnant, just as I will never know what it is like to Concercrate bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ. Please remember, if God is able to forgive these women, you should also. These women need our mercy, not our judgement.

This is probably very true.

I think you need to take all ‘research’ in this area with a grain of salt. People working in abortion clinics are people just like you and I - misguided and misled, but they are human beings and I do believe that probably a lot of them think they are doing the right thing and care for their patients. Also, I think that, perhaps, it is our society that misleads women the most and gets them into the clinics in the first place. Do I think there are women who go into abortion not realizing what they are doing? Absolutely. I’m also sure there are plenty of women who are fully aware of what they are doing and still feel completely powerless to choose anything else. They can still have regrets, yet wonder how they ever would have survived becoming a mother.

It’s a very complex issue, and no two women or their situations are the same.



I know a handful of women who have had abortions, and they feel no regret. As a matter of fact, some of them expected to feel that way…but did not, and they were surprised at that.

Some women do feel it, some do not. It depends on the person and the situation.

What “possible lies” are you talking about?
A friend I know was given all the detailed information beforehand.

The thing is…what you consider “truth” isn’t necessarily what other women and doctors consider “truth.” As you probably know.


Well…a fetus IS just a clump of cells, technically.

Are YOU just a clump of cells?

Two women get pregnant. The first is a wanted pregnancy and from the very moment that she discovers that she is pregnant she calls her unborn child a child.
The second is a crisis pregnancy. Although the second woman finds out that she is pregnant when the child she carrying is at same point of development as the first child, our society would try to deny the second child’s humanity.
The truth is that the circumstances surrounding our conception do not determine our humanity anymore than race determines our personhood. There is no person alive today who did not begin life as a zygote.
It may be that some women do not immediately have regrets following their abortions. For some the truth does not hit until years later. There is much talk about choice. The choice about whether or not to terminate a pregnancy is one that cannot be reversed.
We do not know how many women are coerced into abortions out of fear, fear of losing boyfriends or husbands, fear of an uncertain future. Feminists for life states that the most compelling reason given for seeking an abortion is a lack of resources.
Despite all the rhetoric about “women’s rights,” no woman is empowered by the loss of her child. How many women are actually shown the alternatives? How many know that it was women who sought the first laws in this country to protect women against an industry that exploits women when they are vulnerable?
A recent pro-abortion movie that watched continually asked the question, “Does the father know?” Only a child has a father. When women find themselves facing uncertain futures, they need to know that there are indeed alternatives to an industry that feeds on their fears of that future and a decision that cannot be reversed.

Did the “detailed information” include alternatives?

And why do pro-abortion advocates resist a legal waiting period? Are they afraid the pregnant woman will change her mind?

Just wondering…

It is an oversimplification to suggest women only have abortions because they are misinformed… Sure this is a factor for some but not for all.

I have friends who suffer great sadness from their abortions, but they have no regrets about it, believing that they did the right things for their circumstances… Whether it be career ambitions or finances or their youth. The lure of the wold is strong.

Such studies usually present an oversimplified view of tthe issue. A good study clearly outlines its constraints, and if you need to come to us and ask the constraints, the study should be disregarded no matter how much you agree with it.

It is really commendable you are doing such research before you start, and are asking such questions. God bless. I hope you learn a lot from this experience.

The Idealist in me wants to say that Women who claim not to regret their abortions simply do not know the full extent of what they have done.

The Cynic in me wants to say that Women who claim not to regret their abortions are child-murdering monsters who are beyond saving.

I would recommend you get the book by Trent Horn, “Persuasive Pro-Life”. In it, he repeatedly reminds us that the abortion issue is complicated, and there are many factors…but the main point to focus on is “What are the unborn?”.

People do all kinds of things and some feel regret and some don’t. But I think that tells us more about those people than anything else.

Focus on “What are the unborn?”

Because repentance and forgiveness means nothing. :rolleyes:

Although such women are child-murdering monsters, they are not beyond saving.

There was one commentator who put it as something like, “Not all women who have abortions are monsters, but the 90% who do not regret it are”.

Personally, making the argument on feels will not get anywhere. You are against it because it is objectively murder.

The grieving process begins with denial.
Feminists for Life states that one of the primary reasons women cite for seeking abortions is a lack of resources. Contrary to what secular media tries to promote, abortion does not empower women. No woman is empowered by the loss of her child regardless of how that loss occurs. The abortion industry preys on a woman’s fear, especially her fear of the future.
Enough of the name calling. It is neither charitable nor does it help anybody.
Dorothy Day had an abortion out of fear that her boyfriend would leave her. After the abortion, her boyfriend left her.
Women are told that it is their body their choice. The choice is not revocable. The woman is trying to put the past behind her and move on with her life. It may be years before the memory resurfaces and then the regrets do come and the woman does indeed weep for the child that was lost.
There is no sin that cannot be forgiven. So instead of calling women “monsters,” or other foul names consider that perhaps she has not yet mourned for the child she lost. And it will be many years before she actually does.

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