Abortion arguement...why isnt this applied to other areas?

So someone was “making a case for abortion on demand” and that the governement should pay for woman’s choice over their bodies.

I said “then why arent you fighting for the same treatment for woman who demand dental surgery on demand?”

Seriously, they had no answer other than “it’s not the same thing” …

Sure it’s the same thing. You fight for women’s choice to do what they want with their body, the teeth are part of the body. You want the governement to pay for it regardless of the reason. So why arent you writing your elected representative to suppose women’s rights to choose dental surgery?

…deer in the headlights…

:rotfl: :clapping:

As a woman can I also have the government pay for my manacure… I mean it is my body and don’t I have the right to have beautiful nails?

Ok end of sarcasm. I think that a lot of people (women especially) are being trained to be overly egocentric. To the point that hypocrisy like this arise.

I honestly love the way you handled that. Sometimes it takes a bit of over the top thinking to get someone to realize how ridiculous they are being.

There are a couple objections I would like to pre-empt.

Once might argue that cause pregnancy and childbirth can harm or kill the mother, the government should pay for it, while it is not the case with oral care. However, I would say things like scurvy or infection can prove to be rather dangerous for people. Iral cancer would as well, and this segues into the next point. Some might say that the unborn child is equivalent to a parasite, so the government should pay to have it removed. However, cancer cells and bacteria can also be somewhat parasitic, yet we don’t have oral surgeons on a government payroll.
Just my 2 cents, anyways.

They are obstinate. Whenever I explain that the baby is not part of their body they just don’t seem to/want to understand.

I’d imagine some might argue that, though, extremely poor dental hygiene can lead to heart disease and death. But I get it. However, if you argue autonomy regardless of the reason, then potentially of harm shouldn’t matter either. Plus MORE poor women need dental access than they do abortion access.

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