Abortion as a social issue

I’ve decided to take the fight to the clinics themselves. There are eight clinics in my city, and that provides quite a bit of opportunity for ministry. I’m not looking to be waving a sign or shouting slogans. I simply want to be there to present options to those who believe they have none. So.

I’d like to collect groups that will help with pregnancy care, child care and adoption. I’d like to be able to put women in touch with groups that will help take care of them and their child so that we can remove that feeling of helplessness. I’m not sure that we have such a forum created yet, so I thought I’d create the thread. Advice on the legality of the issue is also appreciated. I’ll be operating in and around Rochester, NY. Pray for me, and for those in voiceless peril.

God Bless you for your courage, your in my prayers.

Really? Nobody has any knowledge of charities that will help young mothers?

Click here:


Then click on all the links with illustrations near the top.

And for your State, you are not alone:



Thank you Ed, this is a great start.

You’re welcome.


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