Abortion bill defeated by one vote in health committee


ALBANY—A bill that would strengthen abortion rights in New York was defeated by one vote in the State Senate health committee on Tuesday.

The Reproductive Health Act, a controversial bill that Senate Democratic leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins has carried for several years, updates the state’s existing laws regarding abortion to be consistent with federal protections. Opponents of the bill, chiefly conservative Republicans and the Catholic Church, argue that the legislation amounts to an extreme expansion of abortion rights in a state that leads the country in the procedure.

After its defeat in the committee by a 9-8 vote, the bill will not come to the Senate floor. However, Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Women’s Equality Act, a 10-point package of women’s rights legislation, includes a similar provision.



Thanks for the post.


Yet again, another victory for the pro-life cause.

I wonder which party is responsible for this victory? And which party fought against this victory?


Shhhh! :tsktsk: :stuck_out_tongue: There’s a lot of Catholics who are busy making excuses voting for and supporting anti-Catholic politicians.

We don’t want to make them :mad: or hurt feelings, do we? After all, some of them look forward to feeling good at university or work in front of all their “cool” peeps and we can’t ruin their mojo. Some even have hefty check in the mail from the fed waiting to be cashed as well…

Errr, um…wait, I mean “help the poor” and “equality” and stuff so like yeah…:o


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