Abortion by pill from nurses at doctors surgeries comes a step closer, sparking fears of 'emotional scarring' to young girls

I guess 200,000 abortions a year isn`t enough for Britain, they want to do even more.


The new minister of Health is pushing abortion.

Based on the findings from the pilot studies, public health minister **Dawn Primarolo **said the Government would now consult with medical professionals, local NHS practices and patients about making early medical abortions available outside hospitals.

I wonder if the change in election seats will mean anything. What exactly is a conservative in the UK??

Quite different from ‘conservative’ in the US. One of the main differences is that there is no significant ‘religious’ vote in the UK - Brits tend to greatly mistrust politicians who talk about religion. Not only that, of course, but a party that suggested things like abolishing the National Health Service would be secure in the knowledge that it was unelectable.

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