Abortion by prescription now rivals surgery for U.S. women


American women are ending pregnancies with medication almost as often as with surgery, marking a turning point for abortion in the United States


med·i·cine med·i·ca·tion: the science or practice of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease (in technical use often taken to exclude surgery).


I’ve heard these referred to as DIY or At Home abortions in articles. The statistic in that article at 91% of abortions in Finland are thru medication was surprising to me.


Don’t ‘medicate’! Give me all of those ‘diseases’ and I’ll find love and sustenance for each one.

People are starting to get the idea thedropboxfilm.com

A dropbox or safe haven is a very good start but there must be more. Disuse of the term ‘disease’ for life in the womb is essentail.


I wonder how many women take the first dose and then regret it. Then what? I thought I have read some doctors are working to or have some way to stop the abortion but I don’t have time to post a link.





Many surprising stats in that article, that was definitely one of them. Another is the pretty steep drop in the US abortion rate to 16.9 terminations per 1,000 women aged 15-44 in 2011, down from 19.4 per 1,000 in 2008 (which is attributed in the article to increased use of birth control like long term IUDs). Also interesting that the longer it’s been available in places like Michigan, the more the medication route is being utilized over the surgical route (already up to 64% using medication).


I don’t know the answer to the first question, but you are correct about the second part. We know the doctor mentioned in this article written back in 2014. Since then there is one or two other clinics in my local area that perform the RU-486 reversal protocol. There is a national hotline woman can call that is listed on www.abortionpillreversal.com. They will connect women with doctors that can try to help them in their local area.

Unfortunately the rationalization of the woman in the article went through seems to be very common. The few stories I’ve read speak to a thought process that since it’s “just a pill” that it’s a miscarriage, not an abortion. Perhaps it’s a way to emotionally distance themselves. I don’t know.

I am glad that there are doctors that are out there to help the women that realize they’ve made a horrible mistake. If there is any silver lining, it’s that there is a chance to correct the mistake with chemical abortions. With surgical abortion no such chance exists. Once the butcher posing as a doctor walks out of the “surgery” the child’s life has already be extinguished.


Thanks for the response and the information. I think you are spot on that rationalization can occur that is was a miscarriage and may emotionally distance a woman from the abortion.

I too am glad there are doctors to help if a woman decides an abortion is not what she wants in her heart. May God protect, guide and bless them in their work.



One doctor at a time…one person at a time.


Abortion rates are declining and anyone interested in the subject is surely happy about that!

Yes, wider availability of effective long-term birth control is one of the reasons for the decrease in need for abortion. I hope those programs keep going strong.


A decrease of three isn’t much of a decrease.

This isn’t a numbers game. It’s a mindset. I’ve also heard there’s less sexual activity amongst younger people. It’s a lot of things.


Through the years I have spent working in the slums I have learned that it is precisely the poor who are aware of human dignity. Their biggest problem is not a lack of money. It is a feeling stripped of their right to human dignity and love. Humanities greatest sin stems from denying the poor the right to human dignity because human beings measure being human only by the standard of the things they own.

Q: You live surrounded by a sea of poverty. Is there any hope that the tide will turn?

A: Yes, we live surrounded by a sea of poverty and suffering. Nevertheless, the sea can decrease in size. Our work is only a drop in the bucket, but this drop is necessary. We could present a new beginning every day. It is something that many people scattered around the world can put into practice every day. And any case, it isn’t necessary to go to the slums to have a brush with poverty and experience the lack of love in the world. In every family, as well as in families right next door, there is always someone who is suffering. This is something that we all come across.

~Saint Teresa of Calcutta~

One person at time…


Makes ya wonder why “partial birth abortions” are grabbing all the headlines when all the evidence (including this story) shows abortions are decreasing and continue to decrease.


A 15% decrease in 3 years is actually quite large.


Well, how many are we comfortable with legally sanctioning?

It’s a mindset problem. It would be difficult to convince me that Jesus actually approves of a lot of current Christian conduct regarding sexuality. It isn’t just about numbers. We don’t make these same kinds of excuses for other moral evils, like sex-slavery.


No but we do acknowledge any reduction in sex slavery as a good thing. What I don’t understand is the refusal to acknowledge a clear change for the better.


Of course fewer deaths are a good thing, but Jesus came so we might not only have life, but have it abundantly. Means matter. Contraception is not having life abundantly; it’s short-circuiting it. It isn’t the answer. But that’s the first thing most people, including Christians, will point to.

However, we simply don’t fully know how many inroads pro-life people have also made. There are so many other factors that could be affecting this.


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