Abortion, Capital Punishment, & Just War

The teachings are completely consistent. The consistence is as such; only in the condition of imminent danger can one consider killing a human.

not quite accurate, it cannot be the intent, but can occur as a side affect

We know that innocent people are and have been executed…

not using catholic standards. Those errors in prudential judgment are due to abuses in civil systems

I am not an expert in the history of how and when the just war doctrine has been applied. However knowing what I do about human nature, and history in general, it seems unlikely that the doctrine has never been applied in questionable circumstances. It is understandable the acts done in the instinct of immediate self preservation are viewed differently. But the application of that caveat in this broader area might not bare careful scrutiny.

Not exactly. The Church has been quite specific about when human life may be taken:

*“It is lawful to kill when fighting in a just war; when carrying out by order of the Supreme Authority a sentence of death in punishment of a crime; and, finally, in cases of necessary and lawful defense of one’s own life against an unjust aggressor.” *
(Catechism of Pope St. Pius X, 1905)


you didn’t list an exception, all those require imminent danger to exist

Oh great. How are we supposed to know what a supreme authority is?

I’ll answer this question

Abortion is always wrong…Death Penalty shouldn’t be used anymore because of our advanced prison systems…

Just War: ewtn.com/expert/answers/just_war.htm

In the end we are ALL brothers and sisters united in Christ…he is in ALL of us; therefore common sense should be able to distinguish that abortion and death penalty are wrong. God Bless!

I didn’t list an exception because Pius X didn’t list one … because the exception you mention doesn’t exist.

[quote=copperblade]Oh great. How are we supposed to know what a supreme authority is?

What is meant here is the proper authority of the State. It is the State alone that has the authority to punish crimes in general and to apply the death penalty in particular.

[quote=hxcatholic413] Abortion is always wrong…Death Penalty shouldn’t be used anymore because of our advanced prison systems…

The validity of any punishment, including the death penalty, is determined by the severity of the crime committed, not by the quality of the prison system. Thus we are told that retribution is the primary objective of punishment; it is justice, not protection, that must be secured.


I am against abortion for any reason and yet our government takes my money and allows it. I have ask many Priest and Nuns for their opinions and I get many different answers. Doesn’t my Church speak as one? I get so confused. Is there any correct answer?

Capital Punishment CAN BE justified today. Take a look at the Tacoma cop murders a little over a year ago. 4 of them gunned down at a coffee shop. And who gunned them down? A sadistic man who was on parole (granted by teh “wonderful” Mike huckabee!

If the sadistic man had been put to death, there would be 4 lives spared. Many criminals are not capable of being reformed. ie…Charles Manson.

ADVANCED PRISON SYSTEMS??? Try FAULTY prison systems that care very little about survivors of crimes. The prisons of today promote the PRISONER!!

Watch lock up sometime!

… there must be serious prospects of success…

I find that interesting. Does this imply that if the aggressor state is more powerful, then that it should not be resisted? The weaker state should not try to defend itself?

well prisons are means of rehabilitation…and television shows are far from the truth although they are interesting to watch

oh and so many prisoners are rehabilitated. That is why there is SO FEW re-offenders!

Rehabilitation is a valid objective but the primary objective is retribution - justice. A punishment that is just but does not rehabilitate the criminal is acceptable; a punishment that achieves rehabilitation but is unjust is not.


It’s so easy to point out the flaws of others…it seems hard to see the flaws in ourselves. God Bless!

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