'Abortion Cartel' Implodes, Clinics Close Nationwide


Seventy-five percent of the abortion clinics in America have now closed down.

There are just 739 remaining, a loss of three-quarters since the country had its highest number of clinics in 1991. Seventy-three shut down in 2014 alone.

The pro-life group Operation Rescue, which keeps track of clinic closures, applauded the development.



There is still one in my backyard. I claimed 18 service hours in 2014 praying for its closure. I hope I can channel that time to another worthy pro-life cause once it is closed for good.


Abyssinia - you always post such wonderful news about abortion facilities closing. Thank you! But because of the abortion pill being sold over the counter I am wondering if the devil is working under a different disguise?:frowning:


Thanks very much for posting great news; I pray progress continues.


Awesome! I had no idea pro-life was actually making progress like that!


It’s mistaken to assume this is a pro-life victory since the abortion rate hasn’t dropped accordingly. A primary reason clinics are closing is because PP is consolidating. It’s more profitable to centralize the service.


All these abortion clinics are closing down probably because of Emergency Contraceptives they sell at Wal-Mart like Plan B. They’re not having all these abortions because they’re killing their babies fast.


Study: Abortion rate at lowest point since 1973

Why do you think they are consolidating?

1 million abortions in the United States during 2011, an abortion rate of 16.9 per 1,000 women age 15 to 44.


If I am interpreting the data correctly, then in 1991:

the abortion rate was 24 per 1,000 women 15-44 years of age.



Sadly, you’ve fallen for the narrative rather than fact. Profit is the primary driver of closures.

Abortion Clinic Closings in Texas – What do they really mean?
why are they closing? A real answer looks at the economics of the abortion industry and the fact there are some pro-abortionists who are so radical that the health and safety of pregnant women appears to be of no concern.

Before going further, there’s another element in the equation that needs to be considered. When an abortion clinic closes, it’s obviously a very good thing that women decide they’d rather carry their babies. But if a couple of small abortion operations shut down so that a giant regional abortion mega-clinic with ten times the killing capacity can open, that’s hardly an improvement. This is something we have written about at NRL News Today in the past most recently last December: clinic consolidation.


The clinics are closing because people have health insurance today and can go to their doctor for examinations, thanks to the ACA.

Also, unwanted pregnancies are down, so there are less customers for Planned Parenthood to make money off of.



There were clinics closing long before the ACA was put in place. Planned Parenthood has lauded the ACA.


Some did, but often because they saw that they wouldn’t be needed once ACA came on line.

Fact is, women with health insurance don’t have to go to Planned Parenthood clinics.

I myself know women who used Planned Parenthood for their annual check ups because they didn’t have health insurance.

They now have insurance and go to their doctor for those check ups.



It may be profit, but profit is a larger question. They have lost millions of dollars of funding in various states and without money, they may have to find money elsewhere which may bring about consolidation. Are all the clinics closing being consolidated?

Check this out:

The main reason for the layoffs and decision to close health centers in Clackamas, Gresham and the Salmon Creek area of Clark County, Wash., is the 27 percent drop in patient visits since 2012, said Liz Delapoer, Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette’s communications director.

Since patient visits generate the bulk of the organization’s operating revenues, that drop is translating into projected losses both this year and next, she said.

“It all goes back to where we are financially and realigning our focus to make sure we are appropriately staffed at appropriate locations,” Delapoer said.


Are these clinics alone in a drop in patients?

There may be a variety of reasons for the closing/consolidation of these clinics.

I edited my prior post to you.

1 million abortions in the United States during 2011, an abortion rate of 16.9 per 1,000 women age 15 to 44.


If I am interpreting the data correctly, then in 1991:

the abortion rate was 24 per 1,000 women 15-44 years of age.


The abortion rate has declined since 1991. That is probably because of a variety of reasons, not just because abortion clinics have closed, but I am just pointing it out.


Why did those women go to Planned Parenthood when there are thousands of federally qualified health centers which provide health care to low income and uninsured people? Those existed because the ACA and they still exist.


There were no federally funded health centers which provided free examinations in their area, which is why they used PP because they were available.

Now they have health insurance and can just go to their doctor instead of a clinic.



Those check ups are money-losers for PP. They make their profit from abortions.

It is funny how you are trying to spin the ACA as having some impact on the closing of these abortion mills. The ACA is favored by PP, and it funds abortion. So the ACA is NOT pro-life, despite your attempts to show it otherwise. The reason abortion mills are closing is because of pro-life groups and the GOP at the state level.


Those check ups were often reimbursed by the government.

They welcomed ACA because the insurance companies would pay PP for those checkups, but as it turns out, women are going to their own physicians instead, now that they have health insurance.

The Planned Parenthood clinics which closed in my area, did not provide abortions. The clinics that do provide abortions are still in operation.



In general isn’t it more statistically likely that somebody would have a federally qualified health center near them than a Planned Parenthood? Federally qualified health centers outnumber Planned Parenthood clinics but I am not 100% sure on their geographic distribution. And federally funded health centers are not even the only type of health care service out that that offers health care to uninsured or low income people. There are other types of clinics which offer health services.


But those closings may or may not have anything to do with the ACA.


Some people seem to think that ACA could help Planned Parenthood to get more business.

Planned Parenthood clinics across the country are eagerly anticipating a new influx of business, as many of the previously uninsured enroll in federally-subsidized Exchange plans or the new Medicaid expansion (where it is available).

“This new surge of thousands of people becoming insured is going to bring a lot of new clients to Planned Parenthood,” said Brigid Leahy, director of government relations at Planned Parenthood of Illinois, according to the Medill Reports. The Portland Business Journal reported in July 2013 that Portland’s Planned Parenthood Columbia Williamette “expects to provide services to more patients as access to health care grows under the Affordable Care Act. That will likely mean adding more hours and/or clinicians. ‘We’re definitely anticipating growth,’ said Stacy James, who became the organization’s new president and CEO on June 1.”

And Planned Parenthood’s CEO of New York’s Planned Parenthood of the Southern Finger Lakes told the Ithaca Times last November that “as ‘Obama Care’ expands insurance coverage we expect it to help grow our organization.”

As NRL News Today reported in November 2013: “The more people that Planned Parenthood signs up for ObamaCare, the more patients they expect to have coming to their clinics. And, in California alone, they anticipate such significant numbers that they are already thinking in terms of the ‘redevelopment and building of new clinic facilities across the state.’”


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