Abortion clinic cited for improper disposal

Finally, after 6 months:

Abortion clinic cited for improper disposal

LATHRUP VILLAGE - - A 12-count warrant has been issued against a Lathrup Village abortion clinic for improperly disposing of medical records, according to Southfield’s 46th District Court.

The clinic, WomanCare, was under investigation by police and state officials since the spring after an anti-abortion group found biomedical waste, fetal remains and medical documents in garbage receptacles outside of the facility.

According to a court clerk, no arrests have been made.

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More charges need to be filed though.

Very tragic…hopefully because of very steep fines, this clinic is permanently closed. Anything is possible with God. Let’s storm heaven with prayers.

I have been following this from the beginning. The person who runs the genocide mill also runs one in Livonia and has done the same thing there.

There has been two Masses and Burials for the retrieved babies, one for each site (one at the Cathedral and one at my parish).

i read about that. very sad. i hope this clinic will be closed for good.

Unfortunately, both are still open for murder.

I was going to use the word “disgusting”, but you beat me to it.

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