Abortion clinic first to close in Dallas after House Bill 2 passes


DALLAS – The North Park Medical Group is the first Dallas abortion clinic to close following the passing of House Bill 2.

That bill, put into effect in November, tightened the restriction on abortion clinics across the state.

Friday, the Department of State Health Services confirmed to News 8 the medical group verbally notified the state they will no longer provide services. A source close to the clinic tells News 8 they were unable to secure hospital admitting privileges, one of the requirements of the new state law.



This is apparantly the ‘20th Abortion Clinic’ closing



God is intervening in this evil act.
The power of prayer.


Two good pieces of news. :yup:


I thought I had already posted in this thread but apparently I have not.

Anyway, I am happy to hear that one more abortion clinic has shut its doors. Hopefully there will be many more that will do so as well.


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