Abortion clinic first to close in Dallas after House Bill 2 passes


DALLAS – The North Park Medical Group is the first Dallas abortion clinic to close following the passing of House Bill 2.

That bill, put into effect in November, tightened the restriction on abortion clinics across the state.

Friday, the Department of State Health Services confirmed to News 8 the medical group verbally notified the state they will no longer provide services. A source close to the clinic tells News 8 they were unable to secure hospital admitting privileges, one of the requirements of the new state law. Their license is still valid, but the property is locked up.




Other medical service places (clinics, hospitals, etc.) bust their BUTTS to meet standards that will allow them to pass the inspections of various agencies. It has always galled me that abortion clinics don’t have to pass any inspections to open their doors. Grrr.

We’re talking about MEDICAL procedures! These should be done under the strictest standards of cleanliness and quality control. Why should abortion clinics be able to opt out?


I don’t understand how someone can call themselves a “medical group” if literally the only service they provide is abortions. If these places were serious about providing women’s health options and couldn’t obtain hospital admitting privileges, then they would drop abortions to keep providing ACTUAL treatments for women. The fact that they shut down so quickly shows how abortion clinics only exist for monetary reasons.

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