Abortion debate--how to resppond

when i say i am anti abortion and someone says “how many unwanted children have you adopted?” how should i respond?
}i have never adopted any child}

You respond truthfully that you have never adopted one, but you have never / will never kill any children either.

Ask how many Sudanese refugees have lived in the person’s house, how many refugees of the wars in Bosnia, in Rwanda, or how many Romanian orphans. If s/he says, “none”, ask how s/he feels about those people’s plight. It isn’t necessary to be in a position to rescue someone personally to want the person rescued.

Provide her the facts on which groups do support women in finding loving homes for unwanted children. I’ve yet to see any group outside the pro-life community offer adoption support.

Perhaps you could point her to the facts about adopting unwanted children, it is an expensive legal process, not everyone can afford it. It is also a case where there is a long waiting list. There are more people lined up to adopt babies than there are babies available for adoption.

Tell them that you have adopted every child that faces abortion. By adopting their cause of a right to life, you have given them what is most necessary, even if they don’t know it.

Their charge is a red herring. We, the pro-lifers want to save HUMAN BEINGS from being destroyed. They want to destroy those same human beings, just because they’re inconvenient. If someone can kill the pre-born just because they want to, why not the infants, or the disabled, or the elderly?

I’m with strngrnrth! They raise a straw man, you raise one right back.


Should I choose not to adopt, does that lessen the value of the child’s life?
It certainly implies such.

We may not be able to adopt, but we can all help in some positive way.

Prayer, volunteer with pro-life organizations, financial support for expectant mothers or those with newborns, provide jobs for the mothers, free babysitting, there are so many ways we can help.

Pray for all of the unborn.


The ad hominem attack never shouldn’t concern you in any debate.

Sigh. The ad hominem attack should never concern you in any debate.

My grammar really is slipping. :frowning:

Ask them not to change the subject.

Not sure you should respond. No answer is going to satisfy them anyway.

That is such a silly "argument."
Ask them if they are “against” poverty - how many homeless people have they taken into their home?
Are they “for” interracial marriage and/or dating? How many black/white/whatever people have they dated/married?
You don’t have to actually DO every thing you stand up for and believe because it would be rather difficult to have an “active” hand in every single cause you believe in. The ones you can’t be “active” in you can support with words, money and time.

:thumbsup: Well said.

Abortion is one of the most significant issues we face as a society and we, as a society, have failed miserably. I love that the CC has taken the nonnegotiable moral stance on this.



Tell them you don’t wish to adopt, for the same reason you have no bio-children. This of course will only work if you have no kids! You can’t afford them, aren’t married, whatever. But you still feel strongly against abortion, and would never have one. Do you donate to groups that help unwed mothers or children born to poverty? If so, remind them of this.

I think actions are huge here, and more important than self imposed titles.

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