Abortion doctors fear successor shortage


Abortion physician Dennis Christensen wants to retire. But he can’t, the 71-year-old says, because no one wants to take over his Milwaukee clinic, a condition he set for himself for retirement.

Christensen and his professional partner, Bernard Smith, both of whom have performed abortions for more than four decades, hope they can hand over the reins of the Affiliated Medical Center to younger physicians, but so far no one has come forward.

An ongoing lawsuit over a new state requirement for doctors who perform abortions could leave that process more rigorous and less likely to happen.



I’m glad to hear it. Let’s hope, and especially pray, no one “steps forward” to continue the work of slaugthering innocents.


Good! I hope they have a complete lack of successors soon!


No big mystery! “Mommy, I want to grow up to be an abortionist.”

Somehow I doubt that plays real well even in the most stridently pro-abort households (presuming said households actually have any surviving children).


Well said.
Maybe one more clinic will close.


Let’s hope so. But hopefully it won’t stop there. Hopefully this trend will gain a strong foothold across the world and the vast majority, if not all, of abortion clinics will be closed someday. Let’s hope that happens sooner rather than later.




God willing they just go away.


This is actually why so many pro-aborts want to require that any and all OB/GYN doctors be required to perform abortions in their residencies and practices by law. Some even want any and all FAMILY PRACTICE doctors to be required to perform abortions in their residencies and practices by law, with no religious exemptions given. This is already the case in many countries in Europe.


Kind of like finding someone to take over your headsman’s axe, or grooming them to fill the void in the gas chambers of Dachau when you are retired.

Very surprising, especially since it helps women and is a viable part of female reporductive health. Right?


I am surprised they haven’t tried that here already…


It’s not for lack of trying, actually. Bill Clinton tried doing this in his first 2 years in office - but the AMA (which is pro-abortion, btw) made known, very well, that this was a bad idea. Why? Not because they were pro-life - as I mentioned, the AMA is very, very, pro-abortion. But because that requirement would cause an extreme shortage of potential OB/GYN and family practice doctors, even more so than we see today. In addition, there were enough pro-life Dems at the time to block such a bill from passing. I believe Obama wanted to push such a law through Congress himself in his first two years in office - but it never got out of committee.


Now that I think back on I remember hearing about that. Thanks for the reminder. I asked my hubby, and he was a resident in OB-GYN in California when they made it legal and he said they were asked to “consider” doing them.


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