Abortion doctors restrictions take root in South

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — From Texas to Alabama, laws are being enacted that would greatly restrict access to abortion, forcing many women to travel hundreds of miles to find a clinic. The laws, requiring abortion doctors to have privileges to admit patients to local hospitals, could have a profound impact on women in poor and rural sections of the Bible Belt.

In many places in the South, clinic doctors come from out of state to perform abortions and don’t have ties to a local hospital. Critics say the laws mean hospitals, leery of attracting anti-abortion protesters, could get veto power over whether the already-scarce clinics remain in business. They say the real aim is to outlaw abortions while supporters say they are protecting women’s health.


These abortion restrictions need to continue. We need to someday outlaw abortion.

That said, I wasn’t aware of the Supreme Court decision in the 1990s which doesn’t allow restrictions to put undue burdens on the “right” to an abortion.

Also, is it just me or is this article clearly biased to the pro-abortion side?

Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio and the Dakotas aren’t doing too bad either. I think the writing is on the wall, it may take awhile but it’s unfortunately states like NY and California that really push the abortion rate up nationally. And Wyoming’s rate is extremely low, they may have the lowest rate of all states, sparsely populated it is.

But the South certainly is a large area of the country where abortion is on its heels definitely.

No, it’s not just you. It sounds openly biased to me.

Thank you FollowChrist34. I was wondering if I was the only one who seen it that way.

You know, I have to wonder. Why is it that so much news in the mainstream media these days is more or less propaganda? Why can’t they just report the facts without bias? If people wanted biased news, they’d go to a site like World Net Daily.

Actually, I think this is why websites like World Net Daily and others are needed, to counterbalance the bias of the mainstream media. I’ve seen those bumperstickers that say I believe, “Distrust the Mainstream Media”.

Sometimes, people put down some sites like WND or what-have-you but in actuality, they serve a purpose.

Top current story on WND. . . . . . .

Actual title. . . .

“Uh Oh, Black mob picks on wrong white guy”.

Yes, a really good news source there. :rolleyes:

The reason why the media is so biased toward the left is because our education system is dominated by liberals and left thinking. The journalists graduate from universities as liberal idealists who “want to change the world” and shape opinion - educate everyone, rather than get the facts out so the people can decide for themselves. They don’t believe people are capable of that because they are elitists.


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