Abortion 'does not raise' mental health risk

Abortion does not raise the risk of a woman suffering mental health problems, a major review by experts concludes.

Data from 44 studies showed women with an unwanted pregnancy have a higher incidence of mental health problems in general.

This is not affected by whether or not they have an abortion or give birth.


First of all, the words “unwanted pregnancy” should be changed to “unwanted child”. It is what it is, the pregnancy was a result of actions that produce another human being. That human being is the offspring of the two consenting adults, who are big enough to have sex but not big enough to take on the responsibilities that sometimes come with the fun part.

The scope of the review excluded reactions such as guilt, shame and regret - although these were considered important - and also assessments of mental state within 90 days of an abortion.

This was because the research was not about “transient reactions to a stressful event”.

Ok, so they don’t believe that abortions can cause mental health problems…which I’m assuming is fairly broad terminology, but they ignore the mental/emotional problems here that are probably tied to most abortions.

I’d tend to think that guilt, shame and regret could lead to some serious depression and lead a person to do other things in life they may regret in effect snowballing the problem that began by having irresponsible sex and killing off the result.

The “study” makes the same claim all the abortion apologist studies do-that if the women has emotional problems after an abortion she had them to begin with. The CPCs I have been involved all had waiting lists for their Post Abortion suport groups. In my 5 years of couseling i only once talked to a post abortive women who was not severly upset about it. Abortion supporters must maginalize these women in order to rationalize their support of this evil. I for one am not going to turn my back on these women no matter how many studies claim they dont have a problem.

Did you read the article?

It’s not claiming these problems don’t exist. It’s not claiming that the women must have had issues before. It’s saying that the mental health problems are the same whether the woman keeps the child or aborts it.

Regardless of mental health risks of the mother - a human life is killed.

This is like doubling an evil. First women are taught that killing their baby is just fine, and then, when they face tremendous guilt and regret, they are told it’s their imagination.

Then the devil dances.:mad:

They’re not saying that they don’t cause mental health problems. The article says that the risk is the same whether they keep the child or not.

Read the article people!

Again, the article doesn’t say mental health problems don’t exist - it says the risk is the same whether the woman keeps the child or has an abortion.

3rd person in the row who hasn’t read the article. Anyone for a 4th?

Great! Then, she should keep the child. :thumbsup:

Okay, I’ll be the 4th. But you had to realize that such a news article (whether read or not) would not be received well in these forums. Let’s not be disingenuous. :slight_smile:

I did:

"It could be that these women have a mental health problem before the pregnancy. "

I have been involved in the pro-life minsitry for over 30 years. Couseled large numbers abortive women (and men) attended seminars and workshops all over the country talking to hundredes of people likewise invloved in the ministry. There is no polite way to put this-anoyne who has worked with post abortive women knows this “study” is pure, unadulterated BS.

Well, from my experience all women have emotional issues…:stuck_out_tongue:

Try to imagine that though, a woman aborts a child and she has nothing to comfort herself but more bad behavior.

Whereas a woman keeps the child and she has a child to love. Yes, there may be stress and emotional problems after having a child. That is normal and is the case for most women to go through after delivery.

And how much contact have you had with post abortive women? Perhaps the reason it is not well received is the way it minimizes the problems of the women we deal with on a dialy basis.

I’m pretty sure the researchers had some sort of contact with women who have had abortion too, you know. :shrug:

1/3 of people have a mental health problem at some point in their life, so yes, someone with a past history of depression for example is very likely to be depressed after a huge event such as having an abortion. What’s the big issue with suggesting that?

I’ve been here over a year, I’m well aware of it.

Really? You need that one explained?

Re-read your title and think about it.:shrug:

I’m confused. Could you clarify why you seem displeased with my post? I was trying to convey that it is a controversial topic that will (quite rightly) generate strong posts. Perhaps you interpreted me differently. Or perhaps I could work on expressing myself better.


Yes, apparently I do need it explained. Teach me, oh wise one.

OK. How about this title.

“Being Muslim increases ones likelyhood of being a suicide bomber”

Wow! This is surprising because many post abortive women I know personally are devastated about their abortions. In fact, one girl was so upset she attempted suicide!

When a “study” goes against common sense, it’s probably wrong. This “study” is clearly wrong.

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