Abortion Facts?

Hi everyone,

I am giving a speech on why I think abortion is wrong, and I am trying to find good facts.

It’s really hard, since all of the pro-life websites are biased, and use false data. From what I have read, abortion is actually very safe for the mother physically. Psychologically on the other hand, not so much.

So anyways, I reshaped my argument to instead of why abortion is wrong, I am going to be discussing why preborns are still human beings, and use that as my premise to why abortion is wrong. I am using the 4 differences, Size, level of development, environment and degree of dependency. These make for a good persuasion.

Btw, its a persuasive speech.
Does anyone have any tips?

I would also address the issue of personhood. When does a person become a person, I find this to be one of the strongest arguments against abortion.

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I would point out in terms of making a moral argument that the debate has shifted somewhat. It used to be that the personhood argument, showing ultrasound photos of unborn babies, emphasizing the humanity of the unborn child, etc., were effective, as people shrunk back in horror from the destruction of human life. However, nowadays, most in the pro-abortion lobby seem more intent on justifying the rights of the mother over those of the child, fully acknowledging the humanity of the unborn child, but insisting that it is somehow justified to kill it. I would focus more on arguing against that (perhaps using the human dignity of the child as a foundation to do so), since, sadly, most of the pro-abortion lobby know what they’re doing and don’t seem to care. As for a good resource, check out Peter Kreeft’s Three Approaches to Abortion.


Why do you say that pro-life websites are biased and use false data? Why would you think that the pro-aborts are actually telling you the truth, when they stand to profit from abortions? Abortion is NOT safe by any means! There are many healthy young women who have died from complications of an abortion, but many of these statistics are not reported and are hard to find.

One of my favorite websites is the Center for Bio-ethical Reform, which uses those points and more when they explain their posters calling abortion genocide.



The above link is not to the home page. I also like The UnChoice.


And here is a website about the personhood movement.


The other posters have some great insight. I would explain what actually happens during an abortion and distribute diagrams that show (as non-graphically as possible) the process. This site has some great ones–in fact, it’s this exact page that finally converted me from a pro-abort to a pro-lifer. I was disgusted when I learned what the pro-aborts had been literally hiding from us.


Oh, I LOVE Abort73!!! Thanks for putting up the link. It’s a great website for secular people to view, it’s not preachy or too Scriptural.

I have the t-shirt that says “Would it bother us more if they used guns?” and it never fails to get a response when I wear it.

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