Abortion Inspired Thoughts

Last night I couldn’t sleep and wrote this.

"Even if it is a “right” for a woman to take away the life of another, an individual who has never had a chance to fully live, that doesn’t make it any less immoral to literally chop a fetus, human in nature, into pieces and discard its disembodied entirety in the trash; as if that potential child is as worthless as scraps, deserving and worthy to die before it was ever given a chance to be alive. Is that what we are? Barbarians, primitive apes who dehumanize ourselves, regressing our own humanity in order to justify the slaughter of the unborn?

Even if a fetus cannot feel pain, see, hear, taste, and touch, that does not make it any less human in its very essence, and that does not mean the fetus cannot eventually know what it is like to be alive, because it will when given time. If allowed to develop, will those “cluster of cells” not develop into a fetus, and then be born as an infant? Can these wicked, vile miscreants not see the obvious connection, that the prevention of the development of that child is murder? Is slicing up the fetus not preventing it from being truly alive? Is preventing it from developing not the same as murdering it once alive? Does the present stage in which the creature exists make it any less human in nature? Are the elderly any more human in their very nature than a fetus or a child because they have been given more time to develop? I think not.

An individual who accepts abortion as a tolerable action does not value human life; because if this person did, he/she would want to protect the most vulnerable and defenseless of all, the unborn. To not protect the unborn, and to affirm the notion that discarding precious, completely innocent life as permissible is the opposite of valuing life. One must be demented, possessing an absolutely seared conscience, and evil to believe such behavior is acceptable, and then further ones twisted belief to spew such iniquitous nonsense that aborting fetuses is “good” and healthy, as if murdering ones own children is a value a virtuous person has, something to be proud of and boast about. How can life be worth living if ones moral compass is so broken, and it appears as though there are no spare parts to fix it? I say these people are set for a hopeless life of despair, headed off the edge of a cliff, too busy and blind deceiving themselves with foolish lies to notice their last step isn’t on land."

Does this make sense at all? I felt I was inspired by God to be honest.

Yes, it does make sense. Abortion is from the devil, and that’s where the evil takes root in people’s hearts and minds.

I’m not trying to boast myself either, I just enjoy writing and want to make sure what I wrote makes sense to others so I don’t think I’m crazy or something for thinking this way. It’s so self-evident to me what abortion is, to any sane person, and people somehow think just because something is a “right” (which abortion isn’t a right) that makes the behavior morally upright. Its just so sick and evil… especially dehumanizing fetuses as if they won’t become a fully grown person.

I know the Church is the true Church of God when she makes an uncompromising stand against abortion and never waver and never change on it despite the opposition she faced against the world who want to promote this culture of death.

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