Abortion is a Satanic Sacrifice

Isn’t it strange how almost everyone is offended by the word “ABORTION”? Even the people ok with getting one seem offended by the word.

And then a former satanist:; a former satanic High Wizard, someone that has committed abortions in the name of Satan (146 abortions) comes along and says abortion is a satanic sacrifice and you’d be surprised how many people will argue and get angry. And they don’t seem to be angry that i did these things. They seem to be angry that im SAYING these things. How dare i say abortions (an intrinsic evil, denounced by the Catholic Church and a Mortal sin) is a satanic sacrifice.

These people will cuss me, follow me, throw things at me, hurtle insults at me, threaten me and my family & attack me physically. Not because I’ve committed heinous , horrible, satanic acts. But instead because I’m claiming these acts as satanic. I was the satanic High Wizard, not you. I was a member of the Satanic World Church, not you. I did spells for profit and gain , not you. And i committed 146 abortions, as a satanic High Wizard, not you.

Every abortion committed in the world gets dedicated to Satan ever single day by High Wizards across the world. Even if the person getting the abortion doesn’t dedicate it to Satan, it still happens.

Come watch a couple of videos and then whether you agree o disagree feel free to post your comment here. www.instituteoftheholyspirit.com then from the main page go to IHS TV and from there it is the Satanist Converts vid. or go to en.gloria.tv/?search=zachary+king and watch either (or both) of the top 2 videos. They are both small snippets of a larger 2 hour video interview. If anyone is interested i can give you the larger interview so you can watch the whole thing.

Peace through Christ
zachary king

I am very interested in what you have to say. Please PM me the full interview link. You should make transcripts so more people can know that the devil is real. I myself thought that I was going crazy when I experienced things when trying to approach Jesus. Strangely enough they stopped harassing me after my family convinced me to let a pundit cast it out. Nevertheless I have dissociated myself from Hinduism and believe in Catholicism. Any thoughts on this?

I certainly agree that Satan uses Intrinsic evils to separate us from God.

I absolutely agree that abortion is a satanic sacrifice. Interestingly, there was an evil king in ancient Israel who sacrificed babies to one of their illicit idols.

If people do not want to hear about abortion though, it may be because they get sad when they think of the terrible loss of life. Certainly, if I for instance hear something about it in the media it brings a sense of sadness on me just at the sight of the word. I pray that one day, God will awaken those who are asleep to the horror of this terrible tragedy and will galvanise people into action to stop it.

Dear Zachary,

     Thank you for delivering a powerful message,  a message that  those devoted to deliverance know is very true.

     But  our enemy is not the poor girl or woman that makes a mistake.   Our enemy is the prince of this world.    We must have compassion for all members of the Human Family.    The survivors of abortion need healing, inner healing.


what proof have you of your claims?

Dear Zachery,

   The links you provided have many excellent articles particularly the first link.  I urge everyone in this forum to open their minds and read these articles by Bishops & priests.

Thank You for Providing them,

Hi Zachary:

Have you offered these sites for study by a Church representative to determine it’s inspirational value?.:o Have you explained what you are trying to accomplish.? What do they say? Which audience is it appropriate for.? Is this an actual abortion going on?
They/he may just offer some help in ways to do this.

I don’t think I can move forward on this as yet.

I know abortion is a VERY wicked act and that some abortions are done as sacrifices to Satan, but do you really think that EVERY single abortion is preformed as a sacrifice to Satan? That kind of thinking is very extreme and it’s no wonder people got upset about it.

Thank you Blues Picker for your insight! :thumbsup:

:thumbsup: I might have said ‘way over the top’, but that’s just me

Zarhary, most, if not all, of the posters (and lurkers) here agree that abortion is evil and wronge, but the ‘tone’ (at least to me) is a bit of a turn off and some may agree with you but will tune you out because of that… Breath deeply, take a minite to clear your mind, and think about who you want address and stay as calm as you can. You can a spirited discussion and be calm at the same time. One more thing, some (IMHO very few) abortions are sacrifice to Satan, most have more to the fallen human nature then to Satan. :cool::gopray:

I agree, BluesPicker, thank you Zachery for posting the links. The devil can get to children very easily. In fact I have 2 incidents that happened to 2 of my sons. First, my oldest son, who was about 12 yrs old, had bought a deck of Tarot cards. He hadn`t even opened them but put them under his pillow. I did not know of this. A day or two later he became ill with pneumonia. We took him to the hospital and he was on strong antibiotics and oxygen for 5 days and was getting no better. He finally said to me “Mom, I bought a deck of Tarot cards, they are under my pillow. Please throw them away”. I got rid of them. The next day the doctor put him on another antibiotic and two days later he was able to come home.

The other incident happened when both boys were over 20 yrs old and living in California and had bought a oija board and were playing with it for several days. Then it became scary to them and they decided to throw it out. Somehow it kept coming back into their house. Finally , after 3 or 4 times they decided to burn it and that finally destroyed it. Thank God they got the point and have never delved into anything else.

I don’t think you understood what hes saying. He’s not saying that during every abortion there’s a black mass happening, he’s saying Satanists dedicate every abortion to Satan. That means using an Atheists abortion as a sacrifice to Satan, even if the atheist knows or could care less. The satanists are the ones doing the dedicating.

I thought they once reported on a clinic having some Satanists in it. May have been from Operation Rescue that first reported this and it might have been in Albuquerque. It’s been some time ago.

I’m kind of surprised that a few don’t see the correlation between abortion and moloch of the old testament. :confused:

The other day I watched parts of a Black Mass in a documentary on the Church of Satan, and I found out something interesting. They don’t believe in God OR Satan. Their basic purpose for existing seemed to be to mock the Church, wearing robes and speaking haughtily as if they were carrying on an actual Mass.

Are we talking about being high priest of that same organization, and if so, do you believe that Satan actually exists? Or is it more like the name of satan can sell, so that’s why you did it?

One thing about abortion that I’ve figured out, though. Satan may have his day on earth with abortions, but every abortion “pumps” one more soul into heaven.


The fact of the matter is, when all is said and done, Satan and his demons are one of the happiest entities on this earth when he has persuaded someone to take the life that God has given. Not only has he destroyed one life, but there is also the strong possibility that he also has convinced someone to forfeit their eternal soul to him. Yes, a sacrifice has been made.

That makes sense. But do you have an opinion why people might react toward the OP in the way described? For saying what is true “at heart” if not by theological letter?


Edit: I just thought of something. People don’t want to hear that it’s a satanic sacrifice because that sounds too spooky and scary compared to “I have sinned.” And practically everyone who hasn’t had or financed an abortion, knows at least one friend or relative who has had an abortion and it’s more “comfortable” to say, “they made a mistake” or “they sinned” rather than saying “they gave glory to satan.” It’s all in how you “package” the truth. Just scary enough but not too scary to be realistic. :smiley:

The OP speaks in a specific sense, however, in the general sense, abortion is a Satanic sacrifice as Satan is the author and convincing force behind it, and someone, as a result, kills their child due to Satan’s promptings.

I believe Moloch was the demon tht was sacrificed to. he is still ued in some ceremonies today

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