Abortion is a Satanic Sacrifice

  In other words,  some women become pregnant to sacrifice their child to Satan in abortion or even after they were born.  At least that is what has been reported or confessed in some instances.  Personally,  I have know one woman who had seven abortions.

    She was eventually liberated but this took  a long time.  When she would walk there was a black shadow of like a woman dressed  from the 19 Century with that  pillowlike object on the rear of the dress.  She also had a veil and hat.  

       Yeah,   I know  I'm crazy, only it ended in exorcism.  That is what  I know,   the phenomena ended  in 2000.  But the complete liberation and inner healing lasts until today,  I imagine.  But all this talk of sorcerors, wizards, Satanims, and dedicated sacrifices doesn't rest well with me. 

    However the website,  The Holy Spirit Institute  is run  by about 40% Catholic ordained clergy and religious.

     The  Church knows about  these aborted childrens souls.   God provides a way for their Salvation and liberation by the actions of  victim souls,  saintly people like St. Padre Pio,  St. Paul the Apostle to the Gentiles,  St. Gemma, and countless others we don't know about.

    While this doesn't negate the sin of  those participating in abortion by commission or omission,  these children go to Heaven.  There are no free rides to Heaven and  just is the case of hardenned sinners being saved by the actions of  saintly people's efforts,  so do aborted children Souls get to Heven.  God provides for them too.   And there is actual evidence of this occuring.

   The net effect is Satan loses what he thinks is another slave for him in Hell and  all his efforts and the efforts of  his minions on earth are futile.   So all this talk of dedication is meaningles, in effect.  God is in Control.  God  turns lemons into lemonade.

  But don't forget God's wrath because there is a price to paid.-

    The above doesn't originate with me.  It is based on observations of a member of an exorcist priest's deliverance team.  But  this explains why some suffer so much as in the case of victim souls. 

    God provides for His children.


this is the long version of the 2 videos from gloria.tv. Each segment is about 15 min long. As you watch each one scroll down to the next one.

I will be interviewed on the same show again this Halloween


I was there

You may know this since you were associated with Hinduism but the dif positions in yogo are the different poses by the Hindu gods. The Hindu gods are demons. and to top all that off, there are studies out now that tell you how unhealthy yoga is for you


please allow me to quote from my OP
"Every abortion committed in the world gets dedicated to Satan ever single day by High Wizards across the world. Even if the person getting the abortion doesn’t dedicate it to Satan, it still happens. "

our ministry works with priests around the country. we have reference letter from many priests including a “Bishops Letter”.i speak at Catholic middle and high schools &. CCD classes,at churches and conferences around the country and may be speaking out of the country next year. One of the websites posted is owned by a Fathers of Mercy priest. We have produced approx 10 dvds and cds that we sell. Our ministry is almost 5 years old. And our goal is to open people’s eyes to satan and either bring them back to the Church or bring them in for the 1st time. Satan’s goal isnt to get you to worship him. His goal is for you not to worship God.

i didnt understand your statement or question…“Is this an actual abortion going on?” what is that question in reference to?


my only concern is if your children have confessed these things? otherwise demons can still have connections to them.

I too have had creepy things happen and have heard horror stories from other people regarding tarot cards and ouija boards. im glad they got rid of it

youre very welcome. another good video on that site is the priest that writes the Icons

Thank you for properly reading the post and responding to the people that did not or misinterpreted :thumbsup:

I’m sure abortion is hatched from the bowels of hell…

There are 2 basic types of satanists; theistic and atheistic. Theistic believe in God, In the World Church of Satan and are practically no atheistic satanists. Atheistic satanists is more of a concept or an idea to have fun but everything is done for self and not for an “imaginary” god. If they worship someone it’s themselves and not a god or God cause they don’t believe in them.

The church of satan tells people they dont believe in God or satan but thtas a lie as well. They really do. Maybe not all of them but a good number of them do.

This was not the group i belonged to. a High Wizard and a high priest is not even close to the same level. There’s probably more then 25000 high priests in the world. whereas the most High Wizards in the world at any given time is 10, and there could be as few as 1

I don’t go to the Chrurch of “nice”. If you’re not living in a state of grace when you die there a good chance your eternity will be in hell. I don’t wish to see anyone go to hell. Maybe if you get a proper warning you can avoid committing a mortal sin and make it to heaven instead of thinking you merely made a mistake and wind up in hell

I believe that a lot of false religions are based on mankind worshiping the fallen angels as gods. Just telling people that most of the world worships demons gets incredulity, even from other Christians.

 No offense to you Zachery meant.  I mean only to point out that some good people make bad choices.  Choices that only the Sacrament of Reconciliation can surely unite them with God;  but they carry wounds and any good discussion on abortion needs to remind people to pray for all concerned but especially victims.  Women are victims in this too as they can fall into despair.   We must make every attempt to lessen the heavy burden of guilt many carry.   This is an aspect that many neglect.  The Gift of Healing comes from the Holy Spirit too.   The reality of evil is one that none can bear alone.   Our prayers are very important in this process.  "Heal the sick" Christ said because He most of all knows that the reality of evil no human can bear alone.  That was why He came into this world to give  even His Life to all who accept it.


The bolded is an excellent point that you made.

I see you’re still trying to drive traffic to your “testimony” Zack.

You remind me of the people who believe in past lives. Never are their “past lives” that of unknown, alone, abandoned, enslaved or mistreated people. They’re always famous - at the top of the proverbial food chain.

By the way. The devil does want you to worship him. However, it is not necessary. It is sufficent that you simply don’t worship God.

Be at peace Zack.

I think you need to go back to your spiritual director and have a chat about this. You may objectively sin, that is true, but you can not “mistakenly” commit a mortal sin. The matter must be grave, you must -know- that it is wrong, and you must choose to do it anyway.

You knew this already, I’m sure. That is why the Catholic church says that if you die wihout sanctifying grace you go to hell. No if, and’s or but’s. There isn’t a “good chance” you won’t end up in heaven. There is no chance.

I’m curious why Zack would have said satan doesn’t want anyone to worship him if it weren’t true – I mean he did work for the guy. What do we know about satan that Zack doesn’t?

I think he was referring to my comments about the OP where he said that it strange people seem to be mad at him more for merely stating it was a satanic sacrifice than for actually doing them. I speculated that people didn’t want to hear its true horror but since practically everybody has either had one or knows someone who did, they would prefer a nice tidy “oops I made a mistake” rather than a “I just served the devil.”

Although the latter may be true, the first is more “socially palatable.”

The paragraph I was replying to, that Zack was responding to:


Because Zack is trying to sell himself. He may have turned to Satan - of that I have very little doubt, people who make that claim probably did at one point - but it is very clear in what he says and how he presents himself that even if he did it was more theatrical then any real desire to do or perpetuate evil, or to serve or worship Satan.

A lot of the people who were satanists and become Christians, making that a central part of any story they tell, are attention seeking. They’re all High Priests or High Wizards. That’s because it makes them feel important. No one says, “I am selfish and enjoy sinning. That inevitably puts me in opposition to God and what he wills for myself and humanity… but because I was made to worship God and give glory to Him I have to redirect that power, that innate interior calling, somewhere else. To myself or to something outside myself, namely Satan. I am as ordinary as anyone, labeling myself by the particular temptation I struggle with.”

It is more spectaular and tantilizing to claim to be a Priest or High Wizard of Satan.

I think he was referring to my comments about the OP where he said that it strange people seem to be mad at him more for merely stating it was a satanic sacrifice than for actually doing them. I speculated that people didn’t want to hear its true horror but since practically everybody has either had one or knows someone who did, they would prefer a nice tidy “oops I made a mistake” rather than a “I just served the devil.”

I’m sorry but intent has everything to do with it. By sinning you are not therefore serving the devil. You are objectively turning away from God. This is the main distinction being lost in this conversation. It is more likely that you are serving yourself and your own passions then directly turning and offering your action to Satan. The horror you’re speaking of is not an action offered to the devil. The horror is turning from the all-knowing and all-loving God who stoops low to reach even the most deviant and hard of persons.

What’s the difference between turning away from God and turning toward satan?

And no, they don’t “directly turn” and offer their “work” to satan, but haven’t they done his work?

Would their sin be worse if they were doing it to serve satan, rather than their own selfish ends? I’m assuming full knowledge of Church teachings, and full consent as in nobody is making them have this abortion.

Put another way, is satan served any differently by an abortion depending on whether the person doing it or someone else “offers” it up?


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