Abortion is all that matters

when voting, this is the first thing you must consider. if the person is pro-choice and has any means of affecting change to abortion laws, you are morally barred from voting from them. Abortion is the greatest evil of our time. People downplay it and that is morally wrong.


Nonsense. Can you please post the relevant information from which you are basing this claim.


my understanding of being a Catholic and doing the right thing


Abortion is a genocide. Its murder and is the worst sin perpetrated on earth. The ten commandments should be enough to discern this.


Altho I believe that it is very important for me to vote for candidates who are pro-life [ETA: given my situation and the other things I mention below], I also agree with then-Cardinal Ratzinger when he said that Catholics may vote for a candidate who supports legalized abortion for proportionate reasons.

Each person has one vote about which they must decide. They have not only each candidate’s position on issues, but the office they are running for, possible future repercussions, the voting pattern of their state or locality, and in a judicious manner, other issues.

I think a good Catholic can decide to vote for a non-pro-life candidate for various reasons or under various circumstances, but that people on both sides need to not act like those on the other side are being sinful or non-Catholic with their decision. All that does is antagonise and solidify opposition.


I don’t know where you’re from, but on 12 December the UK has a general election in which Brexit is pretty much all that matters. Other issues that people will be taking into consideration will include national security, the integrity of the Union, funding for health, education, and policing, and racism and misogyny in politics. Flooding and rail transport will be important topics in some parts of the country too. Abortion will not be an issue for most people.


Imagine if for just one election cycle, all Catholics set aside other important issues and only voted based on abortion. In addition, they let the politicians know ahead of time that this would be happening. Almost all state and federal candidates that support abortion would be voted out of office. More sensible (and moral) abortion laws could then be passed. Once done, attention could return to the other important issues. Sure, this will probably never happen, but if Catholics stick together (and stop downplaying it as @yoo said), it could.

Also, I have heard that around 30% of US Congressmen would vote pro-life, but they don’t because of the pressure from their party.


I don’t think so and most are cultural Catholics only.

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In my case, I may have had to vote for a pro-choice candidate to ensure a pro-life candidate becomes Premier or Prime Minister.

The Westminster System sometimes requires us to vote strategically. The candidate running in my riding wasn’t a particularly pro-life candidate. However, she does belong to the party whose leader is unashamedly pro-life (Jason Kenney, a Catholic and member of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter. I ran into him a couple of times at Mass). Voting for my not-prolife candidate was a direct contribution to the victory of the pro-life leader who became Premier of Alberta.

So it’s not always as clear-cut as some Americans would phrase it.


It’s true that abortion is a great evil but there are many other evils in our society and casting a vote in an election requires me to weigh up all the issues that the candidates stand by. It is also a fact that in my country no matter who we vote for we will get the same outcome on abortion as the right wing party currently sits left of center anyway, they brought in gay marriage after all.


I’m a single issue voter too.

I won’t vote for a pro-choice candidate.

Ideally I want a smaller government, less red tape, lower taxes, lower cost of living, open carry, I’m okay with welfare and other programs to help people get on their feet.

However I also believe in a responsible society that helps their neighbors and community by pulling together and using private funds to help others, or to improve the community.

I would like to see less career politicians and more everyday Americans in office rather than those belonging to political dynasties.

I would like to see more traditional Catholics in office too, bringing in Thomistic philosophy to the table.


Did you not participate in the recent thread about this because what you have stated is wrong.
The Church allows a Catholic to vote for a pro-choice Catholic provided they are not doing so because they agree with the candidate’s position on abortion.
Do not tell us Catholics are morally barred from voting for a pro-choice candidate because it is not true.


It’s an unpopular opinion for some reason but I generally agree. Many people will say there are other issues to consider, but saying it’s fine to vote for someone as long as it’s not because they are pro-abortion is a silly argument. As if it would be fine to vote Hitler into power as long as you were doing it because you wanted Germany to prosper.

The fact some people can put things like “free healthcare” or “good immigration reform” on one side of the scale, and it comes even close to balancing with “approves of baby murder” blows my mind. Imagine trying to set a friend up with a really nice, pretty girl, who has everything in common with them, but telling them “oh and she likes to strangle cats in her free time but try and look past that.” Idk I can’t have something like that on my conscience.


If you had a referendum on abortion, you would lose.

‘About six-in-ten U.S. adults (61%) said in a 2019 survey that abortion should be legal in all or most cases’ https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2019/08/30/facts-about-abortion-debate-in-america/

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Let’s change this weird this politically correct cluster of words “non-pro-life” to what it really is: DEATH. Now see what we’ve got:

“I think a good Catholic can decide to vote for a child murder supporting candidate for various reasons or under various circumstances

I guess there has been a change in ten commandments. Now it’s: You shall not kill… UNLESS various reasons or various circumstances. This new catholicism is so cool.


But Catholics are morally barred from voting for candidate that supports murder of babies inside their mothers wombs.

Our conscience is this barrier.

If you vote for murder supporting candidate - he might then let to kill babies during his time in the office. You practically let this to happen.


@nfinke Yes! You’re speaking truth, my brother! :orange_heart:

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As for me, my default vote is for pro-life candidates—unless it is against both my conscience and common sense to vote for them. Other issues are important too. But, none is even close to the horror of abortion.


Jesus was a survivor of infanticide but even so, He shone His spotlight on the poor, sick and disenfranchised as the test of our love. If they don’t matter, the unborn, invisible child is not likely to matter either.

Obviously, it’s morally permissible to vote for someone like President Trump even if he isn’t entirely pro life because the alternative would be a completely pro choice Democrat.

Here in New Zealand, I could vote for a completely pro life party that gets 1% of the vote, but I’ll still vote for the New Zealand National Party (our largest party and a Centre right party) even though it contains pro abortion members because in the long run, I’m not going to waste my vote on a party that will never be elected when I could vote for a party that is moderately pro Iife and has a good chance of being elected.

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