Abortion is illegal in Nicaragua but the nation is frowned upon at times


So, I don’t know what the abortion law is in Venezuela but I have known this about Nicaragua. So, then, right now, obviously, much of the world is frowning at events going on in Venezuela, the hyper-inflation there, protests and other problems.

Nicaragua too, has been in the spotlight as well about human rights abuses, about protests where protesters are shot at.

Sometimes, I’m not sure of the point of view I should have of that nation as a Catholic.

Any discussion is welcomed.


Venezuela likewise, apparently has very strict laws on abortion. Sometimes, we need to be careful but the problem with Venezuela currently, seems to be a lot of corruption.


We probably all know people who do some bad things and some good things. What do we make of them?


Only frowned upon “at times”? I’m sure most outsiders recognize both nations as the dumpster fires that they are. But, even a broken clock is right twice a day.


That’s not very nice to say and rather uncharitable and “even a broken clock is right twice a day”, well, the right to life is a bit more than that. It’s rather essential to many Christians, especially, if some countries even veer into infanticide, we do not need to colonize countries with customs such as this.

I would like constructive conversation, if I find it combative, I will pass.


As Catholics we cannot base a view of a country on any single issue. We have to look at things holistically, and even then there is difficulty because everyone has their own priorities.This is why it drives me crazy, when people blindly side with one party or another based on ONE moral issue and do not look at the entire picture. No ONE issue trumps everything. If it does, I would consider it an idol.


Is that your opinion or Catholic Catechism because you say “As Catholics we cannot base…”

I thank you for participating and responding, it does sound like an opinion and righteous at that.

There are single issues and there are “intrinsic evils”, I will not further intrinsic evils to the best of my ability. This is the way, things that are close to infanticide as in New York state get started, good people doing the wrong thing.

That’s not Catholic doctrine, I’m not trying to be catholic 80%, 60% or whatever percent of the time.

Thank you for your thoughtful reply.


I think there is a difference between judging a nation and deciding for whom to vote.


The problem with Venezuela is that it’s a dictatorship that imprisons dissidents and starves its people to the extent that they’re eating their pets.


I don’t know what may be actually happening in that country or anywhere else, but I do know that in the last couple years there is an extreme effort going on to try to discredit or destroy any country, organization or individual who does not fit in to the modern western cultural beliefs. Since this country apparently does not follow all the rest relating to abortion or other things, they are trying to make everyone hate it and believe that it is terrible. We shouldn’t believe everything we hear on the media, especially the last few years. Society is claiming that everyone must be “tolerant”, when everything has become the most intolerant ever I believe.


Hundreds of thousands of people from Venezuela are fleeing for their lives.


I think, regarding about any news story, there is nothing wrong with being skeptical. We all want to make the right decision and not the wrong decision especially when lives are in the balance. Undoubtedly, we have been down this road before.

That said, it goes both ways. Let’s not forget Rwanda. In that case, some sort of action, intervention could have prevented a lot of bloodshed. By no means, am I calling Venezuela another Rwanda. At this point in time, it certainly is not. Rwanda too, given the size of the country and other factors such as the strength one might confront, might not have been that difficult to have intervened in as well.

As for myself, I try to check all sources and then, if able, make a conclusion.


You don’t need to have a point of view on another nation unless you live there or have family living there or do business there or something.

Every country has problems. Nicaragua is a historically very unstable and poor country that has been through many traumas. They may have the right stance on abortion, they will have the wrong stance on many other things, just like many other countries take a wrong position on abortion but take a more correct stance on other issues. The fact that a country may not have legal abortion does not make it perfect or mean that its leaders are following God.


No. Well, at this point, we are not meddling in Nicaragua but I was reading yesterday on three people executed in Egypt. One might remember, we asked Mubarak, president of Egypt, to step down. Is the country any better than it was when Mubarak was in power? For the most part, it’s probably worse off. The executions were done in the aftermath of the Arab spring and related incidences to make a long story short.

So US meddling certainly does not mean “country becomes better” but I think our government, at least, current administration, understands that.

I very much believe in our country, in our positive values. I also, don’t care for us to become a negative force. Did Libya work out well? These are complex questions.

Also, per another incident, in the 1990s Rwanda, we may have been able to act (that is a study in itself) but we did not act.

And with Egypt, I"m sure, there is a degree of persecution in general of Christians in the Middle East and in Egypt; but it does sound like it vastly increased over there. So, this is our Christian sisters and brothers we are speaking about as well. Not some abstract concept.


Perhaps it is relevant if you wish to decide who to vote for in a US election, or wish to influence foreign policy in some way.

Most of this is outside my direct control and often, outside that of the USA. I’m sure our leaders try to make prudent decisions in the best interests of our country when it comes to foreign policy; however, many of these unstable countries are a mess for reasons that have little to do with USA and will continue to be a mess.

I prefer to focus on things more within my actual control, and not spend my time pondering moral positions on things that are outside my control. I just pray over those things and move on. If I worked for the State Department, I might ponder Nicaragua as part of my job, but I don’t work in that area.


That is true though, of likely, the greater majority of topics discussed here. Major League Baseball team has gay night, should I boycott? One might think their voice will matter, I’ve resigned myself to figuring out, my opinion will not have much of an effect. And this is a topic where one could claim to be more directly involved.

One can always write a Senator or Representative of concerns.

It makes talk radio go around. What does one think of this or that? Ultimately, what is my influence?

It is dealing with Christian ethics at that, so I do believe it is important. Why discuss the bombing of Hiroshima then? As is often done, I could just say, well that’s over with, I can’t affect it but this is often spoken about on these forums.

As Christians and Catholics and having some stewardship of this world and nation, we may have an obligation to speak up actually.

Your argument to me, could seem to make discussion forums in general, a futile effort.

And respectfully, calling other countries “a mess” is a bit condescending. Some would claim, they are a mess because of past US’s actions. Look up “Honduras, Clinton, Obama” and that whole situation with the president down there in 2009. We might have helped increase problems and I don’t like to blame the USA in general.

And this coming from someone claiming “Cuba is much better now” per tourism, well, read up on what a Senator Rubio or Menendez think of that. I would not even participate in remotely aiding that current regime.



Honestly, if one is just saying opinions are futile, I would appreciate just passing me by. That is really rather insulting and respectfully, does not sound very informed. I mean, giving money to the Castro regime, not that different than the Venezuelan regime was offered in the past. This is probably why it is important to voice our opinions.

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