Abortion is "non-essential" during Covid-19

Here is some really good news:


So this is what it takes.

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Of course the rub is that I don’t believe it is ever essential - much less than being during a pandemic.


If this lasts long enough and the ban goes ahead that point will be much easier to make I hope.

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I can’t see how a nurse could work themselves half to death saving lives or watch his/her colleagues do so or even know that it’s going on… …then turn around and hand out pills that murder another life. Hopefully even that thought will sink in to just a few hearts during this time when life is even more fragile than usual. With Gods grace.

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I wouldn’t be so quick to celebrate, I would not be surprised if after the epidemics there will be an even stronger push to normalize late term abortion since many women didn’t have access to abortion in the early stages of pregnancy during the pandemic.


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My family is actually quite active in the pro-life movement, and I was discussing this with my 17 year old sister, who is more active than I am. So not a bad thing from my perspective.

I was wondering why nothing was being said about abortions being done during the pandemic. Hope many little ones live because of it.


They are still accessible in California.

Abortion is never essential.

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An article from Texas. Note there is the standard loophole.

Abortion is never essential, especially during the COVID-19 crisis.

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