Abortion - Lets open our our eyes the a sad reality

I want to invite everyone to my facebook paige… you can find me under Wanda Torres. Please support my cause, Love & Respect Life… Until America sees what abortion is really about then they can put an end to it. Please share this information with other friends… thank you.:thumbsup:

I would love to support prolife, but I don’t go on facebook…:frowning:

You got my support see you there !

Thanks for your support…If you don’t go on FB at least let your friends know so they can become a member. FB is pretty safe, try it. I find its a great tool to keep in touch with friendzzzz and also make new ones.:slight_smile: My goal is to have one million members supporting me and maybe half of them joining me in January 22, 2010 March for Life in Washington, DC. "Let the march be called “A Million for Life” God is on our side, and if we ask with faith we shall prevail. The world needs to see the reality of abortion, and put an end to it!!!

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