Abortion or life?


How did your parents react to your first child?


I am very sorry for your situation. I will pray for you and both of your babies. I don’t think I have much advice to give, though. As others have already said, direct abortion would not be justified in this situation or any situation at all for that matter (though medical procedures which indirectly result in baby’s death may be another story). As others have said and I will repeat, see a priest and look into shelters for this kind of thing.


They said the only reason I wasn’t going to be kicked out and it was excused was because I was raped. Otherwise I’d be homeless now. They don’t help me with him or anything other than letting us stay in their home. It’s just how they are, sadly. God bless.


I’ve decided I’m not going to be getting an abortion. I have trust in my body and God to take care of me and my babies. Thank you!


How sad to hear :frowning: I’m glad you’re putting your trust in God. Even in the difficult situations, God takes care of us.


Prayers will be offered your way.


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