Abortion Party

Take a look at modern society’s (and the devil’s) answer to the baby shower:


I think colleges used to be good places. Not anymore, though.

The author of the article seems to have a very numb conscience, fogged up by relativism and other liberal nonsense. While he does seem to realize that there is something very bizarre about an “abortion party”(and the fact that there is a small child there), his biggest concern is about whether men should have any role in abortions. This story is very disturbing.

What a horror. A sin and a shame, sickening. Everyone of them made the choice to end the life of a child and they are so casual about it. Evil truly is having its day.


I don;t even know what to say, how sick.

Nothing new. This has been going on for a while now in history.

Pray for abortionists.

Absolutely disgusting!

And the poor, poor little 3 year old boy! What did they explain to him?

Perhaps, but still…

:frowning: Things like this…I just lose faith in the human race. And it causes irreparable sadness in my heart. :frowning:

Prayers going out for healing and conversion among those who call themselves “pro-choice”.

Aww sar don’t lose faith in the human race…most people would be against this.

Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. Maybe not a week, or a month, or a year from now. But someday…someday. This young lady will regret the light attitude she took with this grave decision. Perhaps she won’t regret the abortion, but surely she’ll regret the novelty with which it was (quasi) procured. I think these things hang heavy on a heart.

The other sadness here is the emasculation of men in the abortion debate. Because abortion is seen as a woman’s issue, and only women have a say in what happens with their bodies, men are left by the sidelines wondering “Hey, what about me? I was there too, remember?”. Which is its own curious reaction. If it was just sex that didn’t really mean anything, and the result is a bunch of cells that don’t really mean anything, then why are men concerned or even care at all what happens? It is because in their heart of hearts they KNOW there is a baby there, and that baby is their own flesh and blood. And any good and responsible man has an aching urge to protect their child, regardless of the circumstances of conception. But women, in their quest for freedom (from what, I’m still trying to understand), push the men away, removing their kinship to the “clump of cells”, telling them they don’t matter (when they did obviously, at least for the time it took to conceive), and that what they think, feel, desire is irrelevant.

And men are letting it happen.

Why more men don’t speak up about abortion is beyond me. I’m not talking about those on the outside looking in, I’m talking about the men hurt by abortion. Those men who are brushed to the side of the road, and chucked in the bin to be seen as useless as the “clump of cells” sucked out on the abortionist’s table. Why is it that more men are not speaking out? I can almost understand why some women would not/could not, due to the emotional pain and sheer embarrassment and shame of killing their child. But the men who are pushed aside and hurt just as deeply, sometimes even more so because they are left so powerless by the women who tell them they don’t matter outside the bedroom - these men need to tell the world their side of the story.

So the result of this emasculation of men through abortion is generations of men who are no longer seen as protectors. No longer thought of as strong and dependable. Men who are only useful as needed, and have no redeeming value outside of providing a paycheck and a warm bed. We see this daily in the caricature of men in sitcoms and advertisements, movies and billboards. Men are now the butt of jokes, women are the strong and intelligent, men are weak and stupid.

And there are those who actually scratch their heads and wonder why we have exploding divorce, spouse abuse, child abuse, and runaway men who don’t care for their children. These men were raised in a society to believe they are useless - and so they live up to that ideal. And this is even more prevalent among African American men - see the connection between higher abortion rates in that community? An ah-ha moment to be sure.

So - how do we break this cycle? The first reaction is to say get rid of abortion. But that just does not seem to be happening fast enough. I mean, in the mean time. What can we do to bring our men back to being men and not just pushed around sissies?

They need to speak out - I can’t do it for them. No one can do it for them. The men who are pushed to the fringes of the party, kicked to the curb, and told to shut up and go away while their children are murdered (and told to pay for the process), need to SPEAK UP. They need to tell these women that they will NOT be dismissed and will not sit idly by while their babies are sucked out through tubes, they will NOT be made the patsy of disgusting “sperm donor” jokes.

Because if the men can’t stand up for themselves - no one else can, or will.

If you know a man who is the victim of abortion, please ask him to speak out and help to put an end to this madness.


Hi Liza,

Someone who is very close to me made the mistake of becoming sexually involved with a girl in college. She became pregnant. He tried all he knew to have her give birth. He told her he would support her and the baby. He was willing to quit college and go to work. He really tried all he could to convince her. It was no use.:frowning:

Twenty something years later, he’s a sidewalk counselor. The odd thing is his wife never knew this ex girlfriend. But she thinks about the child a great deal, and that her children have an older sibling that they never will know. Hopefully in heaven.

Thus says the LORD:

  “A voice was heard in Ramah,
  Lamentation and bitter weeping,
  Rachel weeping for her children,
  Refusing to be comforted for her children,
  Because they are no more.”

Jeremiah 31, 15 (New King James Version)

UGH! I’m going to be sick! :banghead::nope:

There needs to be more men like him. For every single abortion there is a man who is not speaking out. Either they truly don’t care or they are silenced by the women around them. If the latter, then they need to get with the program and get out there like your friend is doing and own up to the impact of abortion on the fathers of these aborted children.


Yep, the perverted and twisted EVIL leaves one completely speechless. The evil in this blog alone jumped right off the page at you!!

My wife and I have been married for a month and a day. The issue of stopping birth control came up (mutual conviction) and the issue of ‘What if a baby happens?’ was the obvious focus. I am not exactly raking in the cash but we’re not able to do much more than provide for ourselves in very modest fashion. Could we provide for a baby?

While I would never consider abortion for a moment, I did doubt the practicality of God’s conviction against birth control and that moment of doubt was an interesting insight on what drives a woman to kill her baby. “Can I really provide for the baby? Can I clothe it? Can I feed it? I can barely feed myself! How much will I have to spend in diapers alone? What about my school? and what will my family think if I leave school to take care of my baby?”

My heart goes out to these women because satan has deceived them into thinking that God is not greater than all of this. This was the conclusion my wife and I came to: Our God is an awesome God. I pray and I know the saints pray that their hearts would be impacted by the fact that God can and will overcome.

A protestant non-denominational church I’ve attended has a ‘Pregnancy Crisis Center’ ministry. These girls who are about to have an abortion have another option: The pregnancy crisis center in the Woodlands, TX gives out diapers, formula, cribs, etc so that these women can make the right choice and provide for their babies. This is the hands of our savior reaching out to those who are in need.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Yeah:( prettty much.

That throws the whole idea of being pro-choice because one supports “rights” out the window. They certainly aren’t thinking of the father’s rights- or the rights of the child, for that matter.

Stories like this hurt the pro-choice cause. Most Americans are actually against abortion access when you take away the hard cases, and this is very opposite of a hard case.

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