Abortion Party

Holy God in Heaven have mercy on us…

Divine Heart of Jesus… have Mercy on us. :frowning: :heart: Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Innocent Unborn… pray for us. :frowning: :gopray:

Somebody ought to send this to Mr. Obama. Maybe it would wake him up to the true horror of abortion; if he sees what the effect is having, on the mindset of the young. He has two young daughters, afterall. Is this what he wants for them? I doubt it.

Foolish girl, she should have just asked the taxpayers to pay for it. After all, the Pro-Abortionist in Chief has authorized it :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t believe anything from alternet.org. You can be pretty certain that what this person wrote, is 100% ridiculously stupid fiction.

Big red sheet to look like a giant womb? :rolleyes:

People, come one now. The author probably wrote this work of fiction and is now searching the net to see the kind of reaction he’s caused.

All I can do is sigh and shake my head. words fail me.

Seriously, everyone. THIS is obviously pure fiction. Your getting sucked in, which is obviously the intent of the author.

fact or fiction, the point is the flippancy with which some approach the life or death of an unborn human, fetus, zygote, or embryo.

I used to counsel men who’s child had been aborted although its been several years snice I 've led such a support group. With the men who encouraged the abortion it was usually a feeling of guilt . For the men that opposed the abortion it was a feeling of emasculation and anger. both groups suffered from sorrow over loss of fatherhood.

When i counseld woman who were contempalting abortion i time and time again ran across the same comment from teenage girls i was counsleling-that it was the first time they had ever had an adult male listen to their fears and concerns. men should become more involved regardless of what society says.

I am afraid you have grossly underestimated the callousness of the pro-abortion crowd. for instance heres how planned parenthood commemorates the Birth of Jesus:

I wish I could say this is “fiction”

Pray for the unborn, but mostly for those who “prey” on the unborn

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