Thank you Deacon.


It’s a real shame, and quite disgusting, that some people don’t even believe it’s possible for a woman who is raped to get pregnant, because they erroneously believe that the woman’s body is so stressed that it’s reproductive function ‘shuts down’. Absolutely ridiculous. I am glad that the woman pictured above had a mother who considered her a good thing, and a blessing, that come out of something so horrible. But unfortunately, not everyone is able to process such a horrible event the same way.

Powerful message. I’ll share this.

Which is precisely why our society should not allow for that decision. It is our obligation as a society to protect the innocent from imprudent actions of others, especially when allowing those actions results in a death.



I do not understand that huge poster.

Abortion and feminism in the same poster?

Are you condoning abortion?


I kind of don’t get what you don’t get. This poster was made by Feminists for Life…:shrug:

So somebody wants to be a feminist for life, what has that got to do with abortion or any other subject?


Did you read the poster? The woman pictured was conceived by rape. Nearly all politicians support abortion in the case of rape.

However, there is great injustice in that. The rapist himself, if he is caught, is locked up for a few years and possibly receives some form of counseling intended to reform him. His child, however, is executed without even a single hearing in court. This despite the fact the child has not even had the opportunity to commit a crime, much less breathe.

I cannot believe you are this dense. Tell me it’s not true.

A lot. Think about it a bit. “For Life” is all about abortion, and should be about other subjects relating to life as well.

I don’t think you are understanding the concept.

The March for life is a walk to benefit anti-abortion causes, not a march designed to last a lifetime.

“Priests for Life” are priests that advocate “life” issues. Not Priests who want to remain priest for the rest of their lives (althought hopefully that too). priestsforlife.org/index.aspx

Americans United for Life is a prolife group, not a group of Americans joined together at the hip for their lifetime. aul.org/

Baptists for Life is a group of pro-life Baptist Christians, not a group of people who intend to baptize for their lifetime. bfl.org/

Feminists for life is a group of pro-life women, not a group of women who want to be feminist for their lifetime. feministsforlife.org/


This is powerful. Made me start a whole new thread in World News.

Candidate Todd Akin is under fire for gaffing the word “legitimate” and coupling it with the word rape in explaining his opposition to abortion justified by rape.

Here is a living, grown up version of “such a baby”.

A smaller aspect of Akin’s mistake is he implied such children didn’t exist (or rarely do) and so the “pro-choice” argument for abortion in such cases is based on … theoretical unlikelihood?.. statistical anomalies so small as to be negligible? … something that never happens?

Well Rebecca claims to have been such a child. Akin apologized for his remarks and mistake, and denounced rape, but it was a general apology.

I’d like to see him apologize to Rebecca for doubting that people like her existed - whereup she could forgive him and then thank him for protecting the lives of children like SHE was.

That’d be a head spinner. :slight_smile:

Not very charitable for a Catholic is it!

No! Making fun of peoples views isn’t charitable at all. As for my comment I apologize.

This poster (see post #1) is ingenious as it addresses abortion, rape, the so-called “War on Women,” and capital punishment all at once.

It’s a personal appeal from a woman to “not kill” children like she was. Appeals to justice and mercy! And defanging the “what about in this case …” kind of “Green Eggs and Ham” badgering pro-lifers get.

“Can we do it in this shape? Would you let us if there’s rape …”
“I do not heed your bloody call - I don’t support abortion - at ALL!” apologies Dr. Seuss.

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