Abortion Practitioner Leroy Carhart Lays Off Half His Staff, Says Abortions Down

Omaha, NE (LifeNews.com) – Late-term abortion practitioner LeRoy Carhart announced today that he had laid off nearly half of the staff at his Omaha, Nebraska-area abortion center. The move came after a coalition of pro-life groups submitted a complaint to the state attorney general asking for an investigation.

Carhart told the Omaha World-Herald he was not aware of the complaint and said he could not discuss the reasons for the layoffs.

“This is nothing new,” he said. “They are always making stuff up, and they aren’t very credible.”

But, in a letter to staff that the newspaper obtained, Carhart indicated the number of abortions at his center has dropped off. He said the layoffs were the result of “the recent decrease in patient numbers and income.”


These people may not konw it yet, but they’re very lucky that they were fired.

Thanks be to God!

1 abortion ~ever~ is too many.

God will never say: Oh well, Satan won this one.
…Keep in Prayer!

I guess this calls for a Abortion Stimulus Package from Congress and the President!!! Although I’m joking, Obama would probably do a thing if asked.

What do you think ObamaSCARE is :shrug:

The “public option” is a baleout for a failing abortion industry no matter how you put it. It is possible that contraception has to do with dwendling abortions, but there has also been a change in attitudes about abortion from a lot of young people. One girl I know is with child and is very anti abortion while her mother is more supportive of it. I think he may have to close in a few years if things keep up at this pace.

Good, perhaps people’s attitudes really are changing!

Now, I have to say this. Back when GW Bush was President I spent a LOT of time defending him from people who accused him of wanting our soldiers to die and not caring about their families. Now I hear the SAME people who were defending GW Bush with me making comments about Obama being a baby killer and wanting there to be millions of abortions.

I don’t believe that any more than I believed that Bush secretly rejoiced in high casualty counts from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Extreme statements weaken arguments, and people who might possibly be converted are turned off from the outset.

I am 25, and I think many people in my generation have a negative view of abortion even if our parent’s don’t because it happened to OUR generation. What I mean is, we are the first generation to really have a huge number of our peers aborted. We can look around and wonder who these people were that might have been our friends, our classmates, and even heck even our own siblings as we contemplate the void in society abortion leaves.

What do you think ObamaSCARE is :shrug:

Agreed. :mad:

– Cadian :knight1:

The point about our peers is brilliant. I never thaught of the abortion issue that way. I agree that attitudes about abortion are changing greatly. This will cause huge problems for people like Carhart who operate a clinic outside of a major city. He needs the average local girl to come in 2 or 3 times in order to make a lot of money. Those days are over.

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