Abortion Practitioner Loses Medical License Permanently

Abortion Practitioner Loses Medical License Permanently

Annapolis, MD – Abortion practitioner George Shepard, Jr., of Delaware who assisted with abortions at the Maryland business of embattled abortion practitioner Steven Chase Brigham has permanently lost his medical licence.


All “doctors” who preform abortions should lose their medical licenses.

too bad they didnt take his liscence sooner…

I didn’t know contract killers needed a license…

My point here may come across as somewhat legalistic, but I offer this to the forum. What’s at issue here is not the fact that an abortion was performed, but the manner in which it was performed. At no point in the article was the issue of an unborn life even mentioned. Herein lies the tragedy, the irony, the incongruity of the entire problem.

What took place was a legal act or procedure which was not carried out in a proper or professional manner. As a Catholic, I find little to cheer about concerning this practitioner’s license being revoked. It was a mere administrative act by a state licensing authority.An act in which no thought was ever given to the protection of an innocent, unborn human life. The rights of these children have been adjudicated away by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Until the core issue of abortion is revisited by the courts the killing of innocents absent due process of law will continue to be the accepted law of the land. That to me is the issue, that to me is the problem.

In a rather sarcastic sense, what has happened here is that a murder, currently legal under our laws, simply wasn’t performed in conformance with standard clinical safeguard(s) relevant to the taking of unborn life. When all the smoke clears, when all the dust settles, that’s exactly what abortion does.

Yes, abortion is a contract killing, with the “doctor” as the paid hitman, performed for an agreed price, and it is totally legal as long as the “doctor” obeys the standard hitman code of “safeguards”. Can you imagine if contract killing of adults was legal, and the practice was regulated by the state, so hitmen would need to have a current and valid state license; and if a hitman used, say, a weapon not sanctioned by the license bureau because of “safety” issues, only then would there be a story worthy of media and judicial attention?

Twilight zone kind of stuff, except for the unborn, that’s exactly what is happening.

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