Abortion Practitioner Writes of Doing Abortions While Pregnant With Unborn Baby


In a post that is quickly causing jaws to drop from readers across the world, a Michigan-based abortion practitioner has written of how she does abortions at the same time she is pregnant. Lisa Harris is an abortion practitioner and a assistant professor at the University of Michigan.

However, she says acknowledging that abortion kills children can “be the basis for a stronger movement - one that makes it easier for providers and the teams they work with to do all abortions, especially second trimester abortions.”
Thomas Peters of the American papist blog noticed Harris’ post and said it “goes far in revealing the sort of extreme cognitive dissonance that is necessary for someone to perform abortions.”

This is very sad. The abortionists all know that they’re killing children. THey don’t have a conscience.

Its not theirs and it pays very well:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o

Camille Paglia,a “dissident” feminist(whatever that means) and university professor has stated that it’s time that the “Women’s Movement” admitted that abortion is the taking of another’s life and is in fact murder,“but,so what”?

Sounds like her ‘fetus’ tried to wake her up with a swift kick. She cried, too. Maybe a seed of truth is taking root, but she seemed more concerned with advancing her ‘cause’.

I think these people, & doctors in general, are so trained to compartmentalize, & they are convinced they are doing a great good by helping the woman. (We know this doesn’t really help the woman). Compartmentalizing is good & necessary for a surgeon to be able to calmy treat his badly injured son, but in these cases it helps them to twist truth & reality & do horrible things. I pray that having her baby & protecting that precious life will cause her to realize the horror of what she has done. I mean, she admits she has killed babies, but it’s like she’s still blind or numb to it, I don’t know.

One preist said that the abortion doctors were in league with Satan. I think that is true. I don’t want to sound like I’m a nut about this issue, but there is deff. something evil about killing what you know is a baby and bragging about it on the internet.

These sinful people are using the same logic as the Hitler doctors in Hitlers quest for the master, pure, race. The simple illness or birth defect, or mental illness, were destroyed also.
Birth at conception must be preserved by our society or we will all perish :):):):):):):slight_smile:

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