Abortion Protest part one. Need replies

Ok so…I am a youth and a I have many friends that would like to protest abortion with me…First What are the laws and guidelines? Second is all we have to do is prepare our signs and set aside time and go outside of a clinic with signs and do our NON Violent chants…Please dont misunderstand me. My friends and I have no idea how to go about this but we know that we want to protest so someone who IS knowledgeable please let us know what we need to do.


There should be a Pro-Life Ministry in your parish. I suggest that you call and ask. That individual will know everything.

Also, you can check out the Priests For Life website where Parishes have been matched up with abortion clinics, if your parish has been matched up, then, more than likely, yes, there is someone in your parish looking over these activities.

Local laws are different in different places.

God bless.


Check out 40 Days for Life as well. Their campaign (which consists of praying in front of abortion clinics and other non-violent ministries) begins in about 3 weeks from today.

We need to support this:

best to contact the diocese office for Respect life. hook up with them and they’ll help you out.

I also urge you to check with local ordinances. There are different laws in different communities for how close you can come to a building, street , etc…

Also find out if you need a permit and how to obtain one. My ds was denied a permit and couldn’t hold a parade (in Chicago) because they said it “might” insight violence… and unfortunately it was for his junior community project… good thing he had a back-up plan!

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