Abortion Provider Shutters McAllen and Beaumont Clinics


Whole Woman’s Health announced late Wednesday that it is closing two abortion clinics — one in the already underserved Rio Grande Valley and another in Beaumont — as a result of strict abortion regulations passed by the Legislature last year.

“We are devastated to announce that we’re closing our clinics in McAllen and Beaumont this week,” a post on the abortion provider’s Facebook account says. “After serving women in these communities for over 10 years, Texas politicians have forced us to shut our doors.”

During a 2013 special legislative session, Republican lawmakers approved new regulations on abortion that require physicians who perform the procedure to have hospital-admitting privileges within 30 miles of the facility, and follow FDA standards, rather than common evidence-based protocols, for administering drug-induced abortions. The rules also ban abortions after 20 weeks of gestation. In September, additional rules take effect requiring abortion facilities to meet the regulatory standards of ambulatory surgical centers; only five of the 22 existing abortion facilities in Texas currently meet those standards.



I love it! I also love that the clinic was called Whole Women’s Health. The new laws don’t prevent them from the other things that are associated with “women’s health” like annual exams or pap smears or mammograms. They shut down because they are ABORTION MILLS!!!





Woohoo! Go Texas!

Now if we could only get other states to follow suite…


You need to click on their site and post. I did. Let them know that there are people out here that do not support them.


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Praise God.


I don’t doubt that this will decrease the number of abortions. However, there is some downside which is worthy of prayer. IThe article mentions that 12% of women seeking abortions in the Rio Grande valley already attempt self-induced abortion. This compares to 1% nationally. I think we will see much more attempts at self-induced abortion. The ease of getting abortion causing drugs in Mexico, where a prescription is not required, is the major part of that problem.

That problem is made worse by the lack of medical oversight when self-induced abortion is attempted. Quoting from a August 2012 news article:

*“I’m sure it’s always occurred, but we’re noticing it more,” said Kristeena Banda, the director of Whole Woman’s Health in McAllen, one of two Rio Grande Valley abortion providers. “A few times a week, women come in to ask for a pregnancy test. They’ve taken the pills, but they’re still seeing symptoms of pregnancy.”

Misoprostol, which requires a prescription in the United States, is used primarily for ulcer prevention here and is not prescribed, on its own, for abortions. American doctors and clinics do sometimes pair it with the drug mifepristone (formerly known as RU-486) to produce a “medical abortion,” a method considered more effective than using misoprostol by itself. But the World Health Organization has said that using misoprostol alone can be highly effective as an abortion method, provided patients take the correct dosage within the first nine weeks of gestation.

And knowledge of what the correct dosage is seems to be in short supply among the pharmacy workers dispensing the drugs in northern Mexico. Researchers say that the brand-name form of the medication, Cytotec, made by Pfizer, has been available over the counter in Mexico since 1985 and that generic versions have followed. The drug is available in many small, independent pharmacies in the country, but the people selling it often lack training. Because abortion is illegal outside the country’s capital city, they are also wary of providing information on how misoprostol should be used for that purpose.

Without proper instructions, Banda said, her clinic’s patients have often ingested misoprostol in varying amounts — some would take an entire bottle within days — based on what friends or family had told them.*



Praise the Lord.


There is no however. That alone is good and worth having the law in place. Period.




Abby Johnson has reported that the New Women’s Clinic in San Antonio is the third Texas abortuary to fall this week. Praise God, from whom all blessings flow!


Yes, I should have said: “When offering a prayer of thanksgiving, please consider adding a petition to win over the hearts of the women who will seek abortion through their own hands.”

I think the need for the petition is great, considering the demand and the availability of the means right across the border.


Dr. Lester Minto, who owned and operated Reproductive Services of Harlingen, the only other abortion clinic in the Rio Grande Valley, told the Express-News he closed his doors after 30 years.



But but but but…I thought only 3% of their services were abortion. Right?

How can losing 3% of your services cause the business t fold? Answer, it can’t. They lie about the 3% statistic.


To be fair, none of these have been Planned Parenthoods.


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