Abortion rate among young girls hits record high

LONDON (AFP) - The number of girls under the age of 14 having an abortion jumped by over 20 percent in 2007, new figures from the Department of Health show, leading to calls for more government-backed sexual health counselling and contraception services.


How sad. :frowning: Lord have mercy on us all! :signofcross:

Yep, and there’s the typical approach that has been taken for years and still not worked: give them more contraception and sexual “health” education. When will the liberal wackos realize that approach has never worked?

In Christ,

Yeah, don’t you love hearing that the ‘birth rate’ among young girls is going down?? Duh - because they’re having abortions!

The Department of Health said the number of abortions among under-14s had gone from 135 in 2006 to 163 in 2007, an increase of 21 percent.

Perhaps it really is at a level where percentages hide more than they reveal.

I think sex education is very necessary, and I don’t think it’s a liberal or wacko idea. Obviously, a 13 year-old girl becoming pregnant is a tragedy no matter what the outcome. Kids are stupid, and there is nothing that will completely prevent this kind of thing from happening, but formal education about sex and its consequences has to be the cornerstone of trying to minimize unwanted teenage pregnancy.

They won’t, its necessary for them to reduce sex down to a simple biological function, unrelated to the having of baby’s, so they can continue with their agenda of gay rights and the idea that same sex “marriage” is natural and healthy. :shrug:

Look at the bright side, at least there not having large families to spread their liberal wacko-ness too :wink:

Excellent point. The other piece of data missing is what was the change in the number of girls under-14…that number changes every year (I am making the bold assumption that a 13-year-old is no longer under-14 the following year. :wink: ). The article later quotes someone as saying that “a higher proportion of pregnancies are terminated,” but there are no numbers given to back that up.

Later in the article, they state that “The highest abortion rate was for women aged 19 at 36 per 1,000.” That, it would seem to me, would be the number to look at - the change in “rate” tells you more of a trend than the change in number.

Nothing wrong with sex ed when its done right. Promoting contraceptives (all of which, with the exception of barrier methods, either primarily work as or have a back up that is an abortifacient) is not how to do it.

When looking for some other statistics to combat the “contraception prevents abortions” lie for something else I found this I thought was interesting.

guttmacher.org/statecenter/sfaa.html (click on a state)

Contraceptive use is a key predictor of women’s recourse to abortion. The very small group of American women who are at risk of experiencing an unintended pregnancy but are not using contraceptives account for almost half of all abortions—46% in 2000. Many of these women did not think they would get pregnant or had concerns about contraceptive methods. The remainder of abortions occur among the much larger group of women who were using contraceptives in the month they became pregnant. Many of these women report difficulty using contraceptives consistently.

54% of abortions are because contraceptives fail! :eek:

The variation in the ‘total’ percentages seems to be rather ‘marginal’.

Interestingly, 66% of the ‘non-residents’ were from the Irish Republic and 19% from Northern Ireland (the statistics cover terminations in ‘England and Wales’, not Scotland where they are collected separately).


I think sex education is very necessary, and I don’t think it’s a liberal or wacko idea. Obviously, a 13 year-old girl becoming pregnant is a tragedy no matter what the outcome. Kids are stupid, and there is nothing that will completely prevent this kind of thing from happening, but formal education about sex and its consequences has to be the cornerstone of trying to minimize unwanted teenage pregnancy

No teen thinks about contraception in the heat of passion. We have been educating about AIDS for 25 years and it still happens. Since the beginning of man’s existance we knew about sex and how to get pregnant. It still happens. Teens know very well about sex, after all, they know how to do it, don’t they?

There will always be pregnant teens, and that job is best left up to the parents to control, not the state. Sex ed in schools IS a liberal idea, and not the job of the state or the teachers.

That’s not so suprising as abortion is illegal except in very specific circumstances in both parts of Ireland of course (Northern Ireland has different laws to the rest of the UK on this for the interest of our US readers) and there’s long been an outflow of people from Ireland seeking terminations to the Uk.

My goddaughter is now 22, but I remember when she was going through HS and how just plain stupid some of her friends were. For all the sex education these kids receive, they are still as dumb as a box of rocks when it comes to what sex actually is and what the possible consequences are.

They teach the mechanics in public school, but they do not spend nearly enough time on the emotional consequences (especially for the girls) and the risk factors. She knows more than one girl who has ended up with HPV, not to mention the emotional disasters that have occured from girls giving themselves away and then being tossed aside once the boy got what he wanted.

Families can, and do fill in the blanks for many kids, but there are far too many whose families are either not interested enough or otherwise incapable of providing the kind of moral education and emotional support that will keep girls from seeking “love” elsewhere.

I’m all for sex education, but it needs to be broader based. You can’t just tell them about Slot A going into Slot B. You have to teach abstinence as the best way to avoid ALL the negative consequences, but you have to tell them ALL the negative consequences so they really know what risks they are facing.

The problem is that parents feel responsible for teaching sex to their teens, but very few actually do it. Parents can and should be more involved, but they are uncomfortable with the topic and avoid discussing it with their teens. Prior to sex education, most teens learned about sex through their friends, with all the misconceptions that brings.

Yes, parents should involved and need to be involved. School based sex ed is a mediocre substitute, but it is far better than what existed before.

I agree with Fitswimmer - we can’t just teach the mechanics of sex. We need to teach the values of abstinence as well.

Not only is the parents lack of a discussion a problem, but parents lack of early discussion is a problem. If a parent waits until a child is a teen to discuss relationship and sex, they will have their hands full a good percentage of the time. Steve Wood mentioned in one of his talks that it is EXTREMELY important for parents to discuss relationship and how to treat and be treated starting at a young age. Dads/male figures should take daughters on dates at a young age. Mothers/female figures should take sons on dates at a young age. Qualities to look for in a spouse should be discussed at an early age and should also be lived too. The point being that it isn’t just about sex, but about a permanent relationship (marriage). Some parents talk to their children about sex, but forget about talking about the high standards one’s child should have for choosing a spouse. And, both parents should discuss these issues with all their children. It shouldn’t be left for mom to talk to daughters, dads to talk to sons. A girl needs a solid adult male’s perspective and wisdom. A boy needs a solid adult female’s perspective and wisdom.

Let’s not forget that this story was about people in England, not the US. I could be wrong, but don’t they have a more common sex ed program over there? I don’t know, just guessing. Please correct.

It is the job of soicety at large not the schools to teach this. But society at large pushes sex, and pushes it hard. This story is about girls under the age of 14 having abortions. Where are the parents anyway? At work? Gotta keep paying them taxes so we can pay for more sex ed so we can pay more taxes so we can pay for more sex ed, so we can…

This is the downside to free speech. It’s time to step up as a society, not as the government. In this day and age, people know how to not get pregnant or AIDS or even std’s. They just think it wont happen to them.

The .pdf in the link is the guide issued by the govt. for teaching sexual education in British Schools:-


So the kids got this in schoos when they were 8 years old. The girls in this story who are 14 years old having abortions. This replced the sex ed program the schools were using prior to 2000.

So, those kids were having sex ed taught to them prior to 8 years old, went through this new program for the next 6 years, and still got pregnant and had an abortion?

And this stuff work, how, again? Cause I am missing something here. They were taught all the ins and outs, and still got pregant? And not only pregnant, but had an abortion?!?! Uh-hu.

'Cause if they didn’t do it, and these kids weren’t using abortifacient birth control pills there would be even more abortions!!!111!!!eleven!

I wasn’t commenting on whether it worked or not merely popping it up for people to read so they could compare it to policies in the US on the issue since the vast majority of posters here seem to be American.

It manifestly doesn’t work but if you look at the culture here you will see why - the idea of actually making commitments for many younger people has dissappeared - those who do not want to play around often face mockery by their friends. Also there is a sexualisation of even small children which is reflected in the clothes designed for them and toys and cartoons marketted towards them. Sex is seen as not a good thing (which it is!) to be enjoyed with one person in a committed relationship but ‘fun’ like playing a games console or eating a bar of chocolate. If you read the document it does actually stress teachers should advise their pupils against these atitudes but teachers are only one part of society and the messages that bombards kids and teenagers in the media work on their minds as well unless they are extraordinarly strong-willed or have very supportive families.

I know you did, and I thank you for the information. And I agree with the rest.

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