Abortion rates in US hit historic low, CDC report finds


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Now if we could just end this murderous practice COMPLETELY! Have mercy on us and on the whole world.

I still can NOT even fathom that anybody can kill a baby. No matter how old HOW CAN ANYBODY KILL A BABY and be ok with it? How can they feel it is just a medical procedure? HOW? I just can NOT believe human beings do this to other defenseless helpless human beings.


Do the statistics include medical abortions, or just surgical abortions?

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My guess is they include ru-486 abortions but do not include plan b.

Many states don’t even REPORT abortion #s, so I don’t believe this at all.

Can you cite a source for this?

Um, everyone who follows pro life organizations KNOW that some states don’t report abortion #s (I think new York & California). if the CDC #s only use surgical abortions as a stat, that doesn’t tell you how many were CHEMICALLY killed by the abortion PILL!

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The CDC report includes both types.

Um, the methodology is spelled out in the report, accessible throughout the link. No need to guess (and you guessed wrong). The absolute numbers are incomplete but, since the CDC has used the same reporters consistently, the trends do provide valuable information.

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This says that some states don’t report #s. the CDC and the Alan Guttamacher #s are different. Much different.

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The OP links to the CDC report:

The report explains its methodology in detail.

Is there any reason to think those states have increased abortion rates when most states have reported a decrease?

I would guess the same thing.

On the ru-486 front this would be estimated from the number of such pills manufactured and an estimate of how many actually took the pill. Maybe 100% but I wouldn’t bet on it.

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