Abortion really that bad?

With the recent talk about abortion , as a Christian and a follower of Christ is it really that bad? I mean I know that it’s basically murder which is a grave mortal sin but then again what is someone is raped and becomes pregnant and that person is very young and not ready for a baby , let alone have a rapeist baby, shouldn’t such a person abort their child.
I know that the church is totally against it, just last week a priest gave an one hour talk in my parish about how abortion is extremely wrong. I’m not pro choice or pro life , I just feel like we should have a say , yes after abortion going to confession and asking for the fathers forgiveness is key . But still I feel since we r living in the 21st century we should change our views

Two wrongs don’t make a right. Murder is murder.


Since when is killing a child okay? It’s not only bad, it’s terrible.


You basically just answered it. It’s a mortal sin that destroys (not strains, destroys) ones relationship with God: the choice of Hell over Heaven, nevermind its effects on the child.

Why should murder be the solution? The child’s only crime was existing, so it should die?

Murder is murder.


But think about it from the mothers point of view !!! I’m sure she wouldn’t want to grow a baby who is the child of a rapist

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But the child is not born yet

I just feel like we should see this from a wider perspective.is it wrong that even though I’m a catholic I dont mind abortion ?

Perspective? Morality isn’t dependent on perspective. The morality of an action is objective. If morality is relative, then anything goes.

There is nothing to discuss. There is no parley with the devil.


It’s not the child’s fault. We have to protect those unable to protect themselves. Just because it’s inconvenient to the mother doesn’t provide a reason to kill the child. A mother will still love the child and has the option of offering it for adoption if she is unable to care for it.


Okay that seems fair

Catholics have a responsibility to form their consciences under the guidance of the Church, whose authority is Christ. Glad you are here asking questions.


Is it right for me in any way to support abortion or should I talk to a priest bout it

Why would you support something that is intrinsically evil, someone that ruins one’s relationship with God, something you yourself admitted is murder? What do you think?


Just my personal opinion

Is your personal opinion really that important over what’s true and good?


No I’m not saying that, but recently I’ve just started questioning my faith and the last time I checked that’s not a bad thing. Healthy doubts are good for me to grow

Abortion is intrinsically evil and gravely immoral. Intrinsically evil means no intention and no circumstance(none what so ever)where a direct abortion can be allowed. Abortion also would automatically excommunicate one from the Church if they know before hand that the sin of abortion incurs automatic excommunication.


We’re not discussing doubt though, are we? You asked if you can support abortion.


Ohh I didn’t know that it was that serious

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Does your opinion hold that every individual human life has value, or some do not?

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