Abortion-restricting bill headed for final passage in Louisiana Legislature


A bill that would further restrict abortion in Louisiana and likely result in the closure of three of the state’s five abortion clinics is headed toward final passage in full Senate.

Vocal support of Gov. Bobby Jindal for the legislation suggests the new requirements for doctors who perform abortions will be enforced by Sept. 1, 2014.

The Senate Health and Welfare Committee approved the bill, sponsored by Rep. Katrina Jackson, D-Monroe, without objection, after hours of testimony.



Praying with all.


Louisiana can thank Texas. God bless Rick Perry (even if he is an aggie ;)).


I’m always against abortion no matter the reason and I Will remain so until someone can reasonably answer my question - what moral, logical, ethical or any other reason can there be to sentence an unborn baby to death? -
until I get an answer that can keep my soul at peace I think the five hospitals should be closed all at once.

and which butcher of a doctor can kill a baby in the womb?


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