Abortion’s Grim Reality May Explain ‘Pro-Choice’ Label Drop


From the National Catholic Register.




The “pro choice” people know this is murder themselves and they will do anything to find a “term” to defy the truth. Women’s health care? How can you make an appointment for some general term like that.

Let us pray for the end of abortion.





Yup! Go and google the words “aborted fetus” and then tell me that abortion is not murder! Just plain gross!


Hello Mary.

They get their ethics from the same Medical Manual of Health Care Terms that those shrinks do who think a frontal lobotomy is an acceptable therapeutic modality that brings about a profound change in therapeutic outcomes that enables a person to further benefit from their other treatments. Yeah. Okie dokie doc. I think I’ll go elsewhere for some help with my nervous ticks and quirks.



If a person is pro choice they are pro abortion… Period.


I think that they are realizing that “pro-choice” is a nebulous term, but it is worrisome that they are now increasingly using the term “women’s health,” which unfortunately does not emphasize “maternal health” or “health of the pregnancy.”


Especially since the majority of abortions are of female children.


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