Abortion Stats -- WOW


And I think Daddy should be cuffed to the Mother so everyone can see it takes two to create a baby. Another instance of our society seeing only one side of the story and the female takes all the blame. :slight_smile: Peace.


I realize that I could have been aborted, but abortion doesn’t bother me. That thought doesn’t bother me at all.


Roe V Wade should have never happened.The USA ws founded on Freedom of choice .we have no right to take away another person freedom of choice.


And unborn children can’t choose. That is why their Mother, Father and wishfully thinking, their government is there to protect them.


Yeah, there’s a huge waiting list for adopting babies, like for years.


Also, they have the medical know-how to take a human embryo from one woman and implant it into another woman’s womb who is unable to conceive on her own. This seems to me the obvious answer to eliminating abortion. Just have the women who don’t want the child give it to someone who does. They can’t cry that their “right to choose” is being violated, and the child isn’t killed.:thumbsup:


Well, I do not see how realize that one can be aborted moves anyone. In retrospect, I really do not care. Why would I want to be born in a world filled with poverty and suffering?


Oh, that’s easy. “…To know, love, and serve God in this life so you can enter into the joy of heaven in the next…”

But, you probably knew someone would say that.

That’s okay, we’ll still look forward to meeting you there and calling you our brother.



Your statement assumes that people are born poor and that they stay poor. At least in the USA there is no caste system that keeps people poor.

The most moving argument for me is that with so many children being aborted, you never know if any of these children could grow up to be great contributors to society. With 45 million children in the USA alone, how do we know if any of them could have cured cancer or developed some safe, renewable energy source that would put big oil out of business?

There was once a billboard that read:

Dear God, Send me a cure for my cancer.

I did send you a cure…but you aborted him.


So even if you were going to die no excuse? Also I think there is actually many root causes of abortion. It doesn;t all go back to the woman being callous of human life or whatever. Also just because you haven;t seen finicial reasons doesn;t mean there isn;t any. And maybe in some areas there is very little help women especially poor women can get. But anyway I donlt think you can just lump people all together like that.










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