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This may not be the right forum and I simply cannot provide a very good reference but here goes…

Shortly after the partial birth abortion was “invented,” the media actually danced around the issue and pondered if maybe, just maybe, we might be potentially crossing some line here with this new procedure. … Anyway, this dancing around culminated with an interview with either the inventor of the procedure or a local “provider” of the procedure and the interview went something like this…

A brief decription of the procedure ending with the phrase, …“hole drilled, contents removed.”

At the point, the interviewer dutifully stuck the microphone in the doctor’s face and said, “Yes, but doctor, at this point aren’t we talking about a BLOB of tissue?”

The doctor looked straight at the camera and unblinking said, “No, we are talking about a FULLY FORMED HUMAN BABY that struggles until it is dead.”

BLINK - end of interview and end of dancing around the PBA issue…

I hate to be so vague, but does this video still exist?? It must be out there somewhere because it was so profound. I saw it roughly 10 years ago in Johnstown, PA and it may have been the local Pittsburgh news or the National news… Can’t recall…


Possibly here…not for the squeamish


Phil P

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