Abortion: What is to be done?

It has been over 35 years since Roe V. Wade made abortion legal in theUnited States. While there have been some successes for the pro-life movement (The partial-birth abortion ban, and recently the FOCA bill died in
Congress), very little headway has been made in ending the scourge of abortion. With the election of pro-abortion candidate Barack Obama as President, a filibuster proof Democratic majority in Congress, and Sonia
Sotomayor, the current Supreme Court nominee, is likely to be confirmed (despite her two-step around the topic of abortion-
news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090716/ap_on_go_su_co/us_sotomayor_senate_125 - is highly unlikely to decide in favor of pro-life cases -I seriously doubt that Obama would appoint a pro-life judge to the Supreme Court), which means whatever paltry gains the pro-life movement has been gained stand a good chance of being reversed.
All this has made me wonder whether we will ever be able to end abortion in this country. I certainly don’t see any hope in the political spectrum. It seems when it comes to elections we have the choice of Democratic candidates
who are ardently pro-abortion (there may be pro-life Democrats; in my more cynical moments I’m inclined to place them in the same category as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy; even if they do exist, they are
too few and far between to have much impact), or we can vote for Republicans who seem mostly to give lip service to the pro-life cause. Even with a Republican President and a Republican majority in both houses of Congress, very little was done to further the pro-life cause (with the exception of the partial birth abortion ban and a ban on stem cell research). Of course, a big problem is the judges who overstep their authority and make law, not simply interpret it.

I’m not saying we should give up the the fight, After all, it is not really ours but the Lord’s. But still I wonder what more we can do…

here is the solution to the problem. Every parish in the USA when elections comeup puts Right to Life flyer in the pews that have the Right to Life Endorsements in them. And told as archbishop Adam Exner proclaimed years ago. One is committing a mortal sin when they vote for a proabortion candidate when they have a choice of a antiabortion candidate. As long as this doesn’t happen there is no hope of outlawing abortion in the USA.

That is in direct conflict with something that Cardinal Ratzinger wrote on the topic. Sorry, I don’t have the letter at hand at the moment.

Another problem is that we have a number of CINOs (Catholics In Name Only) in office like Teddy Kennedy and John Kerry who consistently vote pro-abortion. They should be denied Holy Communion.

And how long was slavery legal in the United States?

We don’t have the option of giving up.

We just have to keep opposing abortion, no matter what happens, and try to convince other people to do so too.

Good point. But it took a bloody civil war to end slavery. Makes me wonder what it will take to end abortion…

The Second American Revolution.

We will not overthrow Washington. It will be a secession movement from the individual states, who will exert their authority to govern themselves. The country will divide, and it may or may not be violent. The pro-life states will prosper. The pro-choice states will abort themselves into extinction. Then there will be a reunion of the states, with pro-lifers holding Old Glory. In the end, no matter how it comes about, they will need us.

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