Hello!! I am going to start volunteering at a pregnancy center, which helps counsel young girls (19-25) who want to get an abortion. I am very passionate about staying abstinent until marriage, and am happy to be counseling the girls. However, I need some good sources to help with my counseling. If you have any, please post them here!! Thank you! :slight_smile:

No resources right at hand, but I wanted to thank you for doing this and wish you well in your endeavors. I did this for many years, and the one thing I learned was that the most important thing is to listen hard to the girls and see where they are and what their needs are before you start talking.

You should have a good training program at your center, right? We had training and resource materials all over the place to read in our downtime.


Yes, they have a good training program. But, I just wanted resources to make sure I say the right things :). Thank you so much. God Bless

www.hh76.com has many resources used by pregnancy help centers.

You should definitely make sure that you follow the guidelines established in your training at the center. Make sure you are very focused spiritually-- the devil will battle with you over these souls and he will look for weakness. Attend Mass and Confession frequently. Pray fervently. Alawys pray before counseling anyone, and let the Holy Spirit work through you.

Try www.chastity.com. :thumbsup:

thank you all!!!

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