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How could anyone have an abortion after reading this:

SALT POISONING (SALINE INJECTION):“Salting out” is the second most common method of inducing abortion and is usually used after sixteen weeks. The doctor inserts a long needle through the mother’s abdomen and injects a saline solution into the sac of amniotic fluid surrounding the baby. The baby is poisoned by swallowing the salt and his skin is completely burned away. It takes about an hour to kill the baby. After the child dies, the mother goes into labor and expels the dead baby. Saline injections have been outlawed in some countries because of the risks to the mother, which can include lung and kidney damage if the salt finds its way into her bloodstream. In spite of the horrible burning effect, some babies have survived “salting out” and been born alive.

Evil has such a way of blurring itself, doesn’t it. What is sad is that our current President voted for a bill that if such a baby were to defy the intentions of its murderers and survive it should not be allowed to have medical attention, but be left to die on a table. Whatever we do to the least of his people…sigh.
There is a young woman named Gianna Jesson who is a well known pro-life speaker who survived this procedure…she was adopted by loving parents and while she lives with some crippling side effects, she lives a full and abundant life.

Sometimes…it’s VERY hard for me to pray for people:(

How could anyone have an abortion after reading this:

IMO there are primarily two reasons:

  1. It’s not them. Just today in the news is a story about a US Senator telling a group of people that keeping abortion away from women is no different than depriving men of Viagra. It’s all about individual choice and people think they need, what the mother decides for her, and consequences to that little developing human are of no importance. It’s a right, and is in no way wrong. That seems to be one mindset.

2, Fear, uncertainty, and doubt. There are many who struggle with this decision, even believe it isn’t “right,” but place higher importance on their circumstances and perceived ability to raise a child. A pregnant teen that believes her parents will disown her and force her from the home, for instance. It’s these unfortunate women who feel damned if they do, damned if they don’t, that the Pro-Life movement have the most influence with. Sadly, some of those women don’t even know there are other alternatives, but I think that is getting better with time. The message is spreading.

Thank you so much for posting this. I have read about all the procedures described and it sounds like it’s a pro-life website, describing abortion procedures to educate people, am I correct? I have heard once that the vacuum machine used in some early term abortions is 500 times more powerful than a vacuum cleaner. This kind of details are powerful arguments against abortion.

It’s easy for people to detach themselves if they can dehumanize the baby. :frowning:

I know what you mean but hang in there. We have to keep in mind that pregnant women are not explained the procedures and are not given alternatives by the “counselors” at the abortion mills. They do need your prayers. People who perform the dirty work need our prayers too. By God’s grace they can repent and amend their lives but they need our intercession. Ironically, these folks are the ones who don’t call themselves “pro-choice” because they can attest that we are dealing with murder here not romanticized political views.

I have had some lawn signs made that read: “Nurses deserve a job they can be proud of” and I intend to put them on display in front of our local abortion mill as soon as they ship. People who performs these disgusting procedures are just like us, payed to do a job, except that they probably can’t have a normal conversation about it. They need to know that somebody cares because Jesus cares. In virtue of our Baptism and Confirmation, we are called to show His love to others no matter how big they sin. God Bless you all.

Have you talked, one on one, with any woman who has had an abortion? I have, plenty of times, in my 25 years in AA. Desperation, despair, overwhelming fear, huge depression, very real financial worries, very real health problems one way or the other.

So what support would you give that woman who decides not to abort? SSI after jumping through hoop after hoop? Food stamps given with a sneer? Trying to live on a starvation budget?

Would you be willing to pay, with YOUR tax money, for her education? For child care while she works? For a simple solution to a very complex problem.

You have my best wishes for a successful outcome

At first glance the URL looks like a prochoice site. I am glad we, Prolifers snagged the url for our own. Prochoice people would never describe what happens during an abortion. They would never show film of it. They don’t want to talk about it unless it is in terms of a blob of flesh.

I have seen film of what my eye surgery would be like before I accept the risks. Why not abortions? As the site above describes, abortion is a business. Why do I have to sign a note to allow my 17 year-old daughter to use her asthma medication, but she can get an abortion without me knowing it in the state of California? (Not that she would)

When will people stop thinking about themselves, and understand that they are killing a human life? Could you legally take your three year old and inject something lethal into him or her because your life is changed by this young person??

Yeah, Yeah, I’m probably preaching to the choir. I just don’t understand how the prochoice people think.

What about adoption? Could I kill my adult son because he can’t support himself? No.

I can think of few better places for my tax dollars to go. The problem comes into politics of deciding who gets the money, who is actually trying to get educated or work.

This would be a far superior place for our funding to go than to abortions. You can also have an adoption and let federal spending pay for the medical bills associated with the birth. In the event the mother wishes to keep the child, then it is on her to support the child and the government picks up the most of the tab, not all. You would need some sort of regulation to prevent people from using this method to get free child birth, but with national healthcare, it would be going this route anyway.

On the point of this topic, the reasons people have abortions are various and complicated. In the end they are all selfish and point to a earlier lack of judgment. A choice made to not have sex would be their choice to not have a child. Destroying a human life after you made a bad decision is abhorrent. The key is that there is a distortion that lets people think that the new life is somehow their own. They do not recognize this child as a new life, but a part of their own body. We can thank Satan for this deception.

God Bless.

Hi there, just want to let you know I am post-abortive. Have never been an alcoholic but indeed substance abuse is one of the consequences of abortion. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping others to fight their addiction and to become sobers.

I’d like to address your point about using tax dollars for pro-life purposes. Our tax dollars already fund abortion, so why not use them to save lives? Please take a look at this article written in 2006: quote:

"Last year, Planned Parenthood showed revenue totaling nearly $810 million dollars. Of their $810 million in revenue, $265 million came from taxpayers in the form of government grants and contracts. In 2004 and 2005, Planned Parenthood received $551 million in governmental funding.

This is money coming out of our tax dollars. Planned Parenthood uses our tax dollars to promote, advertise and market the benefits of abortion, including partial-birth abortion.

Last year, Planned Parenthood performed almost 250,000 abortions, a number that has steadily increased since 1997. They also use tax dollars to fund explicit materials promoting abortion directed at teens. Over the past three years, Planned Parenthood has reportedly spent over $110 million of taxpayer money bringing lawsuits, challenging legislation and promoting their agenda."


A lot of people, including in the Pro-life movement, have misconceptions about why women are going to that extreme to murder their own child and how it is affecting them. I encourage everybody to log on to the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, watch the video “I had an abortion because…” and read a few testimonies. God Bless You too.

How come ‘Health Care Reform’…has Abortion funding AND NOT Adoption funding?

If “Pro-choice” how come Planned Parenthood isn’t mandated to help finance adoption?

I agree that we need to pray for the women who have been misled into having abortions as well…they are causalities of this just as their babies are. What is the saying, abortion is one dead and one wounded?

BVM 1221 , it is sickening to hear you try and justify murder based on money. Where does that end? BTW many of us here donate money to causes that help women get on their feet and support their child. Meanwhile planned parenthood is cashing in on faulty information…confused pregnant women are their cash cow, and babies their slaughtered calf.

Planned Parenthood=Planning not to be parents.
Sorry I couldn’t resist!

Also, I’m thinking that maybe it would be considered by some an “anti-choice” move?

Isn’t adoption a choice? Oh, yeah, it’s not a choice that would make Planned Parenthood money.


Ever see the video on Father Frank Pavone’s web site? It’s as wretched to see as hearing this “approach”.

Any way you flip the coin - not matter what excuse people want to try to make for supporting the baby after the birth - especially people like BVM 1221 - it’s murder to the saddest and highest degree.

To be honest, I never understood or gave abortion much thought until my wife got pregnant. Once I heard the heartbeat for the first time it brought new meaning to me. I remember telling the nurse specifically “how can someone say there’s not a life in there?”

Then as time went on seeing the ultrasound pictures made the abortion even more obscene to me.

My life and view will be forever changed on the topic and absolutely no one can ever sway me otherwise. Any argument or rational would be irrational, irrelevant and lame.

I now pray hard for these little innocent victims who have no voice and worse have to be killed because dopey people on this planet seem to make these “rationals” that allows this process to exist.

If you read this and take offense to my opinions - I make no apologies.

What I want to do when I’m older:

I want to go to Planned Parenthood and demand for them to help me adopt a baby.

Wait it gets better…:slight_smile:

when they deny me …I want to force ACLU to sue them

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