I’m curious about The Church’s stance on abortion. Does anyone ever take into consideration the poverty a lot of single mothers face once they give birth? Sure, would be nice if they planned things better but many don’t. Does anyone ever vote for bills/amendments that would give more aid to the poor in addition to banning abortion?


I’m curious about The Church’s stance on abortion. Does anyone ever take into consideration the poverty a lot of single mothers face once they give birth? Sure, would be nice if they planned things better but many don’t. Does anyone ever vote for bills/amendments that would give more aid to the poor in addition to banning abortion?

The Church is against all abortion. Whether it’s cause of rape or anything. If a mother is struggling there are a couple of options A) They seek help at a care clinic, there are many around and they help desperate mothers greatly B) They could give the child up for adoption, you have no idea how many parents are waiting to receive a child that a mother just merely kills or C) They find help at their church, I’m sure that the priest and/or anyone else could help direct her in getting the help she needs.

Never, ever, is killing a innocent child, because of the mother’s choices a moral option.

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Private: Pregnancy centers, food pantries, St. Vincent de Paul, housing, rent assistance, bill assistance, etc, etc, etc, etc.

Govt: Food stamps, Section 8 housing, unemployment assistance, welfare, WIC, and dozens more govt programs.

There is a LOT of assistance going to help out those who need it, both private and govt.

So to answer your question, yes, plenty of people take into account the needs of the poor, especially poor mothers. You seem to have fallen victim to the vicious lie from the pro-abortion crowd that baselessly asserts that those who oppose abortion do nothing to help poor mothers in need. It’s patently false and a malicious lie.

You don’t kill children because they might live in poverty.

It is always wrong to kill babies.

So, it is your position that we may kill other people to extricate ourselves from situations we have created?

So, when a single mother faces a difficult situation when her child is 3 years old, she may kill it. Is that your position? If not, then why would it be OK to kill the child when it is younger but not older?

Has someone put forth the argument that we should not aid those in need?

Wow, didn’t know the Church did that much, noted.

Mmm, no, I never bought into any lie. I grew up dirt poor with a horrible alcoholic father who drank up a lot of the money and a lot of my peers were horrible messes mentally who’s lives turned out to be varying degrees of awful. I just speak from my own experience, people tend to treat eachother badly and when I’ve seen pro-life protests at school in the past I never once noticed anyone saying anything about caring for the mother after birth.

I’m in RCIA, grew up in a very messed up situation and am in counseling for PTSD and a mess of other things that came about from a horrible father who almost killed my own mother. Life was always cheap, and from what I’ve seen of how the USA treats the poor I think I’m onto something. They’re hammering the pro-life concept into me as hard as they can so I just nod and agree, but there will always be that lingering feeling of the life I had to have and how kids, especially males from marginalized single parent households are treated in the USA. Sure, I agree it’s murder but what about after their born? No one really seems to care.

So if somebody is poor, it’s OK to kill their family members???

Surely if the mother has other children, they should be killed first. They’re older - they eat more food than a newborn, right? And if the father is around, surely he has to go!

If you’re gonna kill family members to alleviate poverty, why not kill the ones that eat the most food? The little baby should be the last one to die, not the first.

i don’t know how the Church’s stance on abortion could be any clearer. abortion is a horrendous mortal sin and it is absolutely forbidden to have anything to do with it or support it in any way

Hmm, poor logic there, the father might have a job and would be bringing in an income so killing him would be a horrible idea. THe youngest always take the most time and care since they’re totally helpless.

I’m new, have mental problems that are being treated and had a horrible childhood, I can’t help it. Up till now i’ve always thought of life as cheap, that’s how I was treated so I just assumed the same of everyone else.

Why is it okay to end the life of someone who has not been born, but killing a newborn is bad? Why is it wrong to kill newborns who would end up in bad situations?

How about the position that single parents and their (illegitimate) children have or can have in the Catholic Church?

Are they ever accepted as equal members?

How about women who are raped, conceive a child, then by the advice of Catholics, keep the child?
Don’t Catholics look down on such women? Do Catholics ever actually accept such women into their fold?

Can such women marry and receive all the sacraments?

Yes, the woman who is raped can marry and receive the sacraments. Rape is not a sin for the victim, it’s only a sin for the rapist.

Do Catholics look down on women who were raped? I’ve never heard of this before

It’s common for traditional patriarchal communities to ostracize raped women, physically or at least psychologically. A raped woman is considered “damaged goods” and a disgrace to her family and community.

In some Eastern countries, they kill the raped woman. Hindus tend to shun them, or kill them (honor killings). From what I have seen of Christians, they consider them damaged goods; although maybe not so openly or officially as in some other cultures.

My mother is an illegitimate child of two Catholics. Like all children back then, she was baptized in the Catholic Church. Later she discovered that the Catholic Church baptized illegitimate children and conferred confirmation and first communion to them; but kept no official record of the baptism of such children.
So this is discrimination against illegitimate children.

Not really. Poor people have been having children forever. There isn’t a correlation between the number in a parents bank account and value of a child.

Yes, our legislatures approves bills spending billions of dollars for the poor all the time. That we have as much poverty as ever shows there is little correlation between governmental spending and reduction in poverty.

What prompted your question?

At any time in your horrible childhood, if someone had put a gun in your face and asked if you wanted him to shoot, would you have seriously said “yes?” Would you say “yes” now?

Even if you were having a low day and might have actually said “yes” at some time, do you think it would then be OK for the guy to pull the trigger?

The act of partially delivering a baby then crushing its skull or inserting a suction curette into a womb to dismember a baby one limb at a time as it tries to fight for its life is as evil as the worst atrocities ever committed by human beings. Who would financially support this child is a MEANINGLESS question.

It is becoming even scarier. Take a look at this post and link from CAF a couple of months ago: forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=929006

Really? You assumed that all the people around you, friends, family, doctors, nurses, teachers, firefighters, paramedics, lifeguards at the pool, the RCIA catechists, etc., think that life is cheap?

I’m not sure where you have gotten such ideas.

Yes, all are equal in the Church. No one is “looked down on”. Everyone has God-given dignity.

It seems you have had limited or no exposure to the Church’s social teaching and to her extensive network of groups dedicated to exactly that, helping the poor.

To say that “no one cares” is to overlook the literally millions of people who are engaging in the works of the Church every day to help the poor, suffering, and downtrodden and the many more millions supporting this work through their donations of time, talent, and treasure.

So, the good news is, you have found out now that the Church teaches all life is precious, we may never kill babies or other innocent people, and we are called to help all those in need and to work towards an equitable society.

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