I’ve often heard about the phrase, “Sins that cry out to heaven for justice” and I’m wondering whether abortion is one of those sins, while I can imagine this to be so. I ask due to the fact that it seems that there will be a referendum here in Ireland on our abortion laws and I’m fearing the result.

Yeah based on what I’ve been seeing in the media, it’s basically guaranteed to get in because of the BandWagon Effect ™.

Having said that, I’m not sure why it matters whether it is a sin that “cries out to Heaven for justice”. Do you fear retribution from Heaven? Most other countries have abortion and haven’t been wiped off the face of the earth. That isn’t how God works. The fact that it involves the mass slaughter of innocent babies makes it abhorrent; fear of personal consequences for you and I should be irrelevant.

Unless I completely misread where you were coming from with your question…

There are 4 sins that “cry to heaven for vengeance”.

  1. Murder
  2. Sodomy
  3. Oppression of the Poor
  4. Defrauding workers of their just wages


In my opinion, abortion falls under the category of murder.

Not at all, I wouldn’t want to see nations wiped from the face of the earth but rather that I believed that it belonged under the list of “sins which cry out to heaven”. I do not wish to see, nor could I possibly see it happening, but rather that I wish to see some form of justice for those whose lives have been cut short before they have even begun.

It is!
Sadly, the world’s pull continues to win over the “Believers;” I wouldn’t be surprised if one day abortion will be as accepted as divorce, contraception and homosexuality amongst the “progressive” Christians of the world.

The fact that God is slow to anger and slower even to unleash His Wrath makes the world fertile for Satan’s kingdom (the culture of death).

Maran atha!


It is a shame my friend, even more so that for the young Catholics of the world, to which I belong, these issues are becomingly increasingly accepted as morally sound and tenable, while the provisions of the Church to which we subscribe will become a minority opinion. I can only hope that God sustains the next generation of Catholics, for it will become a different landscape in the coming years. But yet, this 2,000 years-old tradition of ours, which we have inherited, will burn within us. For tradition is not the worship of ashes but the preservation of fire. :thumbsup:

The Body of Christ was slowly poisoned in the West over the last 40 years. Constant, ongoing attacks against normal families, legalized abortion in 1973, No-Fault Divorce in the 1980s. I remember opening the newspaper and seeing lots of ads like this: “No kids? $75 and you’re out. Call 800-DIVORCE.” Movies with actors modeling worse and worse immoral behaviors as the decades passed. The same for TV. Junk, immoral songs on the radio.

All of this, like water dripping on a stone, began to weaken people. As some of their friends and coworkers slowly chose to try it the immoral way, others began to follow. “Hey, I moved in with my boyfriend, we have two incomes and cool stuff. Plus lots of sex.” No kids, of course. And if things turned annoying, either one of you could walk out. No divorce. No nothing.

Or just find a guy, have sex and that’s it. Like it means nothing. Love means something.


At least Poland is a beacon of hope. What a great country!

…this is where “the children are our future” comes in… Jesus warned that the path/road to perdition is wide and many travel through it while the path/road to Salvation is narrow and few travel it… further, He questions, when the Son of man Returns, will He find Faith on earth?

I commend you and those as you who have opted to follow Jesus against the counsel and enticements of the world.

…interestingly enough, we find, in the Apocalypse, that even though man’s errors leads him to pain and anguish he still musters enough energy to reject and profane God.

…all this reminds me of the Marine Corps motto: “The Few…” their strength is not in numbers but in determination, cohesion, and purpose: Life!

Maran atha!


Hi, Ed!
…we all experienced it… Hollywood had wholesome shows and movies; the culture was about taking the best step forward–people were proud of good things (even those simple things as greeting and smiling–just sharing hope); then horror stepped in: idiots, er enlighten folks ushered in the modern era of ego, hate, and disobedience (Jesus prophesied that there would come a time when man would be full of hate, when good would be seen as evil and evil lifted up as good)–society is beginning to reap what it has sown. What I find scary is how easily “Believers” abandon Christ’s Gospel as they embrace the world’s. It puts me in mind of St. John 6–all of Jesus’ audience, except for the Twelve, left Him!

Maran atha!


Hi, Harry!
Let’s pray to God that she does not follow on the steps of Ireland–let’s pray that her resolve to follow Christ is greater than her need to became part of the new world order!

Maran atha!


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