Abortionist to Haiti: "Stew in Your Own Juices" for High Population

Port-au-Prince, Haiti – The world is in mourning today in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake in Haiti that initial reports indicate could have left hundreds of thousands of people dead or wounded. Although the nation is getting the world’s sympathy, Haiti was once on the receiving end of hatred from an abortion practitioner.


That is sickening.

I can’t believe it. Here the people of Haiti have just gone thorugh an unimaginable tragedy – some reports I’ve heard (and I pray are revised sharply downward as the days progress) claim there may ultimately be a half a million dead from the quake.

Still, you have people like this monster on one side and Pat Robertson on the other – he opened his hole to say that Toussaint L’Ouverture had made a deal with the devil for his successful slave revolt in the 1800s, and so this was God’s punishment – trying to make points off of the suffering of these people. Can’t everyone let Port-au-Prince pick up the pieces in peace and just pray or hope for the best out of the tragedy?

My condolences for our brothers and sisters in Haiti. I pray to God for their departed souls for the forgiveness of sins and hopefulness toward their salvation through. Lord Jesus Christ.

I pray to God for the survivors, their family members and their friends who are suffering greatly from this horrific tragedy

I read the lifenews.com article on the remark of an abortionist. Actions of abortionists and pro-choice support show more of the unveiling of Satan,and his minon demons who seek to have mankind to turn against Lord Jesus Christ’s hope of salvation.

Abortionists and pro-choice people today serve Satan by using big private and big government money to promote so- called “charities” and so-called “save the planet” programs. (United Way and Susan Komen for Breast Cancer. Percentages of donations used to support Planned Parenthood and other abortion groups). The numbers “look big” to ursurp honest humanitarian efforts. Honest humanitarian efforts that have been in Haiti for about 200 years or more.

Abortionists and pro-choice supporters refuse the truth about Margaret Sanger (Founder of Planned Parenthood). Margaret Sanger had ties with the Ku-Klux-Klan. Margaret Sanger learned from the teachings of Thomas Malthus (Malthusian Mathematics. Population Control. Eugenics. Ethnic Cleansing. Racial and cultural superiority). Adolf Hitler leaned from these people destroying lives by the millions. Communism and totalitarian governments today also use these ideologies.

Abortionists and pro-choice supporters are “humanist’s” and call Pro-Life people terrorists. With the news comment('Stew in your own juices" for high population) unveiled, showing who are the real terrorists. Abortionists and pro-choice supporters do not respect the dignity of the unborn human children or even the dead from this horrific tragedy. They don’t even respect dignity of living human beings or even themselves.

Again my condolences for the departed in Haiti and Msgr. Miot Archbishop of Port-Au-Prince. May God rest their souls.


God bless everyone there, and comfort them in their grief, fears, pains, injuries, and the loss of their loved ones.
Compassionate Lord Jesus, have Mercy on the Souls of all who died/are dying as a result of this earthquake.
The creatures that follow satan’s evil, just pray for them also. ‘Judge not, that you may not be judged’. Yes, I realise they are judging, but as followers of Jesus, we must not. He, Our Lord will be their judge and jury. Until then please pray the Divine Mercy for their conversion.
Please pray hard for all those deaths, sudden and unprepared. May they Rest in Peace,

God bless all here.

Her comments are not surprising to me. Also realize they were made two years ago, and not in the face of such a great tragedy. Not that that makes them okay, but they aren’t said coupled with the current circumstances which would make them incredibly over the top.

What I find amazing is that the teachings of the Catholic Church for how to live and care for our brothers and sisters everyday is exactly the way everyone wants to treat the Haitian victims now that they have been thrown to the ground. Looking after their human needs is now on everyone’s mind, people are raising funds and sending donations, gathering supplies for shipment, considering bringing children to the US and pushing aside the normal immigration procedures all in the name of relieving human suffering.

What we never see is a tragedy like this and people rushing to do things opposite Catholic teachings Maybe that says something about the value of what we have in our Church.

Saddening to hear that she holds those views. Tarnow needs to be prayed for. The article also mentions that she is closing her abortion clinic. I pray that her would-be clientelle will be ministered to by pro-life advocates.

For D O Shea

Just wondering if the date of two years ago refers to the date the abortionist joined Catholic Answers? Not that it matters if the person made the comment two years ago, or two days ago. We need to pray for her also.

God bless all,

Just a small point John. Whenever I refer to the evil one, God’s enemy and ours, I never ever use a capital letter for his name. This is my way to show disrespect to him.

What is factually incorrect in that report?

"she supports population control because America “can’t take all the people in the world.”


"She told the newspaper that Haiti, and third-world nations like it with high populations, “has denuded the whole land.” (compare Haiti to it’s neighbour in Google Earth.

How is Haiti going to pick up the pieces if the men/boys don’t change their morality?

“Haiti is also a country – like some others in the Caribbean (Jamaica being a prime example) – plagued by family disintegration or no family integration at all. Fathers are often absent, teenaged women are pressed to have children and contraceptive use is the lowest in the hemisphere. It’s estimated that almost half the country’s girls have been sexually abused. As a study of the problem concluded, “a blind eye is often turned to such issues as incest and domestic violence.” According to the UN, HIV-AIDS has reached “epidemic levels,” the incidence being the highest outside certain African countries.”


Watching CNN, compare the number of old people to the number of babies and infants.
One resident they interviewed had 24 children.

This has nothing to do with poverty, corrupt governments, Voodoo, or pacts with Satan.

The behaviour exhibited by the males resembles exactly what we see in the animal kingdom. Why should we condone and prop up such behaviour?

This is not going to be a quick fix.

Hi Cibi. Thanks for the advice. Many times I’m on the forums late at night,tired usuall spelling mistakes. To everyone,the evil one is satan (small case letters) as Jesus identfies satan as the father of all lies. The name satan or pronounced sa tan comes from the Jewish court or justice system as your accuser for your offense(s). Like today in our court systems would be the prosecuter would be your accuser of your offense(s).

My diocesan bishop today encouraged us today to donate in the offetory at our parishes or the diocesan office this week toward the Haitian relief effort.

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